1 Question Saturday

What would your hero and heroine/main characters give each other for Christmas?  Feel free to share why.

I’ll post my answer in the comments sections.



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6 responses to “1 Question Saturday

  1. mamadivine

    Natalie would give Christopher a gift certificate for boxing lessons or a self-defense class because he keeps getting sucker punched.

    Christopher would give her a red garter belt as a gag gift and a diamond bracelet to show her he knows her worth.

  2. Drew would give Azure a gift day jumping out of a plane to shake her up a bit. Azure would would give Drew a toaster and a kettle in the hopes that he’d settle in one place.

  3. Jesse would get Carly a painter’s palette and canvases, encouraging her to reach for more from herself.

    Carly would go overboard and get Jesse everything she could think of from underwear to a new camera. She would max out her credit card without blinking.

    One thing she is doing is picking up where his mother left off when she died and is buying him a NutCracker for every year of his life so she has six for him this year.

  4. Linc would get Jade a house and/or cat. Jade would probably teach him better lock-picking techniques.

    I don’t know my other characters well enough yet to know what they would give. I’ll have to think on that–now I’m curious!

    Awesome post. Miss you!

  5. Emily would get Davide a book on the Greek and Roman myths, probably from the turn of the century, because he’s a book geek, just like her.

    Davide would give Emily a warm pair of gloves in a soft, buttery leather, caramel color, because he wants her to be cozy and warm.



  6. Haven’t visited for awhile…Nice question!

    Liam would give his long-lost daughter a matchmaking ledger just like his (leather-bound, hand-sewn binding and so on).

    Merrit would crochet her long-lost father an extra-long afghan.

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