Vanilla Ideas In A Hot Fudge Sundae With Nuts Market

One of my goals for January is to organize my writing stuff.    I’ll probably need February and part of March to finish.  Anyway, the first things I went through were some papers from the writing binder I put together a few years ago.   I had sections for character names, brilliant bits of dialogue, story notes and story ideas.

As I transferred the story ideas to my temporary writing binder, I (re)discovered story ideas I hadn’t thought about in years.  Like Karaoke Mom and The Challenge.

I realized a couple of things while reading the blurbs of each story idea.

(1) Many of the story ideas I found aren’t story plots like I thought they were when I initially scribbled them down.  They’re the base of the story.  And need other stuff to make them into a plot.  Like a dish of vanilla ice cream isn’t a sundae until you add the toppings.

(2) Quite a few of my story ideas were generic.  They don’t have any sparkle or wowness that would make them stand out from stories in the same genre.  I came up with all these story ideas when I was in my depressing Women’s fiction stage. Lots of women discovering their voices and taking journeys to discover themselves.

(3) The most important thing I realized is that I have the skills to make these scoop of vanilla ideas into hot fudge sundaes with sprinkles and two cherries.     Karaoke Mom doesn’t have sundae potential, but it does have sundae topping potential so a variation of it will be added to another story idea.  With some tweaking and a change of genre, The Challenge can from vanilla plain to sundae yum.

Do you have any vanilla story ideas in your To Write file?  If so, do you plan to make them into hot fudge sundae ideas?  Bonus question: How do you like your sundaes?



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3 responses to “Vanilla Ideas In A Hot Fudge Sundae With Nuts Market

  1. I have lots of vanilla ideas. Trouble is they start morphing as soon as I file them and I go back to my brain file to find Tin roof Sundae or Macadamia Nut crunch! I have one that was sooooooo falvorfulI had to pick all the nuts out and scrape off the fudge just to make it palatable. Too much is bad too.

    I am not an ice cream eater but if I want a sundae, I want caramel.

  2. talesfromthecrit

    Yeah I don’t love ice cream either but butterscotch is my favorite on a sundae. I don’t think I have any vanilla ideas. If anything they’re all too involved like when you make the mistake of adding caramel to mint chocolate chip.


  3. Shawna

    I like the way you think.
    Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge (and I do mean hot enough that the ice cream begins to melt) and if possible, a brownie.

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