Thursday 13 sniffling sickos

13 things I have done to try and make myself and my kids feel better

13) Hot showers. Sounds simple but OMG they help my achy body. The kids have come to enjoy these too.

12) Hot tea with sugar. I give myself permission to admit I hate honey and just drink the tea, the sweeter the better. The boys like to dunk sugar cookies.

11) Nap.  I have napped and napped and napped. In bed and on the couch and in the chair. Even though my children are home, they are sick too so movies, pillows and blankets and tissues are the order of the day. Every one is falling asleep in weird places and that is okay. I woke up after a few minute nap yesterday to find my son was using my feet as a pillow.

10) Soup in mugs is good stuff. Chicken noodle, tomato, veggie beef, minestrone, whatever. Crackers are fine and cinnamon toast is an anytime food.

9) Movies. Lots and lots of movies. Most kid oriented but some for me just because. Anything to keep me from moving off the couch. Microwave popcorn does not upset tummies.

8 ) Pajamas. I don’t think a single member of my family (hubby not included) has had day time clothes on in nearly a week. It just feels better to sit and be miserable in PJs than in clothes.

7) Might as well embrace the glorious scent of Vick’s Greasless Vapor Rub. It lingers.

6) Simple comfort foods. Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs. Soft stuff.

5) I will have a pile of laundry to do in a few days but it can wait for now.

4) It is okay to NOT write or read. I have been doing edits but slowly and dragging them out just because I can. My head hurts too bad to concentrate too much.

3) Instant pudding is God’s gift to sick mothers with sick children. Strawberry cream, Oreo cookies and Cheesecake flavors. They feel special, I accomplish the task in less than 5 minutes.

2) Cough drops actually don’t taste THAT bad.  Or maybe I simply have no more working taste buds.

1) If it has to be icy, I’d rather stay in anyway, under a blanket, with my kids and giggle our snotty way through the Princess Bride than do our daily grind. The family that’s sick together, sticks together.


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10 responses to “Thursday 13 sniffling sickos

  1. Jen

    The family that’s sick together, stays together, right? LOL.
    I hope you all feel better soon, Inez!

  2. Awwww ….. I hope you all feel better soon. *HUGS*

  3. If you can survive illness with one another, you can survive anything. Hope you all feel better soon.

  4. Awww! Hope you all feel better real soon. It’s cold outside, it’s way more fun snuggling with the kids. Happy T13!

  5. I’ve always settled for napping and chicken soup, but I might give the hot showers a shot.

  6. Aww…I hope you’re all feeling better again soon. In the meantime, enjoy those snuggly pajama days, especially with the weather outside!

  7. I hope you all feel better soon. Personally, I’m a terrible patient. Keep warm and continue with your 13 things.

  8. Janice Seagraves

    I’m sorry you and your children are ill. It sucks being sick at the best of times, but at least you have company.

    My daughter just got over a nasty cold, she watched a lot of movies, drank a lot of tea and juice. I found out a long time ago frozen juice pops are better on a sore throat than gargling.

    Take care and get well soon.

    Happy TT.


  9. melsmag

    Aww feel better.

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