Give romance for Valentine’s Day

I know it’s early but the week of is too late šŸ™‚

My mom always sends me a Valentine’s Day card. I think it’s a hold-over from those obnoxiously awkward high school days when the cafeteria became a flower holding place for the first half of the day and girls would be called down by last name to pick up the roses their boyfriends, friends and parents sent them. I was not the highschool boyfriend type so by my junior year, my mom started sending a balloon or something so I wouldn’t spend the day without a chance to go down to the cafeteria to retrieve my gift.

For the record, I really think the flowers-at-school thing should be disallowed. Maybe because I’m a humbug but mostly because of the pressure it puts on girls to be dating that young.

Anyway, to the point! Since my mom started giving me something for Valentine’s Day, I’ve started giving her something back. This year will be a paperback copy of DREAMS & DESIRES VOL 3, a collection of romantic and erotic stories. This book is a double gift: the gift of romance plus the gift of shelter and security to women who find themselves in need, as proceeds will be donated to a women’s shelter in Louisiana.

If you have someone to give to this year–a mom, a sister, a friend, anybody–consider giving this double gift. Who says writing and reading can’t change the world?


The book is available three ways: as an e-book for $5.95 (email your gift!), as a paperback direct from publisher for $14.95, or as a paperback from Amazon for less than $14.95.

I recommend direct from the publisher as either e-book or paperback because more money goes to the charity and less goes to distribution fees.


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  1. Excellent idea. Wish I’d posted it first!

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