O, painful crit

I don’t often talk about crits here at Tales from The, mostly because I don’t often ask for them. I did last week, though, on a piece I wrote years ago. My critter was very gentle, but ouch. Everything she had to say confirmed what I already knew to be problematic. You might ask why I bothered to get a crit at all when I knew the ms had problems. I wondered, too, about whether I was wasting folks’ time, but I think I needed it. The end result is I’m scrapping the prose, keeping the worldbuilding and plot, and trying a new recipe with higher quality ingredients – all things I’ve instinctively known needed to happen but there’s something powerful about having someone else show you why something needs to happen.

Also? Holy dash of humility, Batman. 😉

I challenge you to ask for a crit of something old, soon. Just for the heck of it, or as a learning experience, or just because I challenged/dared you. Good luck!



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4 responses to “O, painful crit

  1. My wife is my editor and first reader and even after over 20 years it still stings when she critiques my work. The initial reaction is annoyance, a pin inserted in my pride. But once I think about it, she’s invariably right. After all this time she knows my strengths and weaknesses as a writer and, more importantly, what I’m seeking to achieve with a certain piece. She shows me how to get there faster, with fewer wasted words. She’s invaluable and I credit all my success thus far to her…

  2. Oh my gosh, I have a brutal crit partner. So every page is a lesson in humility should I ever get to be for my britches. Maybe that’s what cp’s are really for LOL

  3. When I first started having my work critiqued, I wanted to argue that the critter hadn’t caught my meaning…hadn’t understood the flow of the story…Fortunately, I had a large, wise critique group who pointed out that it didn’t matter what I *thought* I wrote, it only mattered what was actually on the page…and often, I’m so close to that page that I can’t separate the image I’ve written from the image in my mind.

    Fresh eyes are an invaluable asset, but that doesn’t mean the process of being critiqued doesn’t sting. I polish until I think it’s ready to submit before I allow anyone to read my work…and then I expect to make corrections.

    {{{Hugs}}} Sounds like you’ve made some great choices.

  4. Yeah, AJ and I share a CP.

    And something I wrote years ago? Uhm hell no! I am rewriting one now and *gulp* she has the first three chapters.

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