Guest Blogging

Wow. This is my week to blog! Besides keeping up with my regularly scheduled blogging, I’m doing a week’s worth of articles over at NovelSpot’s Behind the Scenes. So far I’ve posted “Dragons, Dreams, and Determination”, “Finding Craft Tips in Movies”, and “Inspiration”…I wonder what tomorrow and Friday will bring?

In my “real” world (as opposed to that fascinating place I live inside my imagination), it’s been a strange week. I’ve learned that just because I plot and plan to write at a certain pace doesn’t mean I will be able to actualize those plans. *sigh*

My infant grandson is facing cranial surgery next month. We’ve been assured it’s a routine procedure, but the word “routine” doesn’t quite fit when I look at that tiny boy…

Anyway, the little man’s medical concerns have seeped over into my writing. I’ve temporarily abandoned the urban fantasy I’ve been diligently pursuing because one of the plot lines is just too close to real life.

Having dropped that hot potato, I’m struggling to decide which idea to pick up. Today I’m thinking it will be the time-travel romance set in Brian Boru’s Ireland…I’ll let you know what I decide.

Happy Wednesday, Critters!


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