Unexpected Surprises

So last night I caught our dog, a 45 pound Rottweiler mix humping one of the stray cats we found.  I knew they were friendly, but I didn’t know they were that friendly.  And now I know why the cat has been hanging around the front porch (where the dog usually is).

Anyway, this got me thinking about how writing is full of surprises.    I recently discovered  the heroine of my Rainbow wip has a box of adult toys stashed in her closet.    That was a total shock because she has some issues with sex.  It’s going to be interesting how this will influence her developing relationship with the hero.

So what surprises have you discovered in your stories and/or characters ?


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One response to “Unexpected Surprises

  1. I love when they pop surprises on me.Like I didn’t know Jesse limped until he started walking, didn’t know John was near blind until Livvy spied him wearing glasses, or that Michael carries a gun until Alex saw him tuck it is his pants.

    All of these things make me go WHOA but they make the story better,

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