My twins brought homework home from preschool yesterday. It was cool, one of those matching worksheets where they had to draw a connecting line between a cat and a kitten, a dog and a puppy, stuff like that.

So what if we HAD to do that with our characters and NOT match them up with their bookmates. Can you imagine the chaos? Like badboy John was made for Livvy and Livvy alone. But what if I drew a line from him to say…Charlie? The sex would be hot but short lived. Saucy and naughty Charlie would drive him nuts with her overt nature and she’d plant a skillet upside his moody skull in a  heartbeat. Likewise playful Jinx would tick sensible Livvy off to no end and she would tell him where to shove his quirky eyebrow.

Rhys and Myla might seem like a good match (they are both warriors but shy) but they would have as much spark as a wet match. They are the same side of the coin, nothing to play against. Same with Ward Cleaver Coe. Matching him with timid Willa is like mixing water with…water. Boring.

Diplomatic Prince Taric would spend fifteen minutes with Calamity Carly and throw her in the dungeon. Wanderlusting Jesse would leave for work and  Down to Earth Frannie would pack his stuff in a Hefty bag and set it outside the door and change the locks.

No, my characters are not interchangeable. They have a niche, a mate and a path to travel. There is no story without that line connecting them.

What about you. I dare you. Mix and match your characters just for fun and what would happen?



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6 responses to “MIX AND MATCH

  1. Love your mixups. I don’t think my characters would mesh well at all. Especially since some are paranormal and others are straight contemporary. It might be interesting for a few seconds but then someone would get completely freaked out and run screaming. I’m not sure if it would be the comtemp characters or the paranormal ones running though. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the cute post — I miss my kids being young!

  3. mamadivine

    My characters couldn’t be with anyone, but their mate. I can’t see any of my heroes, except for Christopher putting up with Natalie’s attitude.

    Great post.

  4. Okay, that’s funny. I was just thinking about switching my characters around, wondering if I had the wrong twin with the wrong twin, you know? I realized, nope. Lexa is too boring for Chase and Kailee is too high maintenance for Brennan.

    As for my adult stuff… Jade and Linc are too much the warrior types to be with anyone else. But, they’re not the same side of a coin. Jade is way too imperfect for that, lol, and its her flaws that Linc loves and drives him insane.

    I don’t know enough about any of my other characters to say anything on, except Brian and Doc (but Brian is Jade’s brother, so, um, ew).

    Great post as always, Inez.

  5. In a word – chaos. If I did that I’d have head overload because all those characters would be back there yammering at me to put things right!

  6. Mariella Morgan

    from Mariella Morgan
    Another romance author quoted your post here in response to my creative writing exercise on my blog — Mariella Morgan’s Musings on Writing Romance. I had written that if I felt that the heroine my readers voted for didn’t fit with my hero’s back story, then I would “tweak” her a bit.
    While that might seem that I disagree with you, I really don’t.
    The characters in the stories I have written are fully fleshed out, living people, at least in my head. No, I can’t see Morrin, a 10th century Irish slave, with Jason, a 21st century Dom. Her father sold her into slavery at the age of 10. When she is sent to the future to escape a vampire, she is free. She would never go back to being subservient. And Madeleine with Julian, the vampire lord, that could get ugly quick! Madeleine is too wounded to save the cursed vampire. I can see only pity parties for them both — not very interesting really. My two examples prove your point again.
    For my writing exercise on my blog, though, I have no characters in mind at this point, only generalizations. After my visitors have voted on a specific back story for the hero and on a general type of heroine and her back story, then I will make sure they mesh by adding flesh to those bare bones.
    At least, that’s the plan. I’ve never done this type of exercise before, but it has been fun, so I expect good things to come from it. If you are interested, my blog’s address is mariellamorgan.wordpress.com. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment if you visit. Vote, too.

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