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Did I mention I attended an RWA chapter meeting?

I’ve been meaning to (mention that is). I went in early March with a local friend who’s also a member of Romance Divas. We got a little lost because we needed coffee ūüėČ but we found our way eventually. The ladies at the meeting were super nice, and neither my friend nor I were the most-questions-asked attendees.

Afterward, I was so jazzed by lunch with other writers, by listening to the speaker (whose words “write to learn” in reference to the question, where do I go in my book??? and how do I know what to write about??? and other generic authorial wonderings were very inspirational). The speaker was inspirational in general. I really enjoyed the meeting. Afterward, I joined RWA so I can join the chapter.

Now I’m working on getting my act together so I’ll have a book to pitch at conference (yay) in July.

If you’re a member of RWA do you remember your first chapter meeting?


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They have grass…and trees.

So, I just got back from vacation.¬† I was in San Antonio.¬† They have grass there.¬† It was interesting.¬† I went outside.¬† I don’t really do that.¬† When I lived in Colorado I was a very outdoorsy person.¬† But in New Mexico I just can’t bring myself to tromp around amid the rocks and cacti.¬† Not so much back to nature the way I’ve always pictured it.

What does this have to do with writing?¬† Freaking nothing.¬† But since no one will read this anyway I can write whatever I want.¬† So there.¬† I didn’t write while I was on vacation.¬† But then I thought, “Well, I’m on vacation.¬† I don’t really need to write while I’m on vacation.”¬† Then I finished the vacation.¬† And I still can’t write.¬† So there goes that theory.

My brain feels completely fried.¬† But I remain hopeful that all will be well within a day or two.¬† Because if¬† I don’t write then how can I ever hope to complete my plan to take over the world?¬† Oh wait, did I say that out loud…


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Evolving Taste

Recently, I confessed a childhood crush I had on Dirk Benedict. I fell for him when he played Lt. Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica and grew more enamored with him as he played Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck on The A-Team.¬† I also had a thing for Larry Wilcox, who played Officer John Baker on CHiPs.¬†

My admission got me thinking about how my taste in heroes has changed since my infatuation with Dirk and Larry.¬† ¬†¬†¬†Now as a reader/viewer,¬† I’m drawn to dark haired heroes (the one exception being AJ’s Chandler, who I think has reddish blonde).¬†¬†¬† And heroes who are a little broken,¬†who have vulnerabilities ¬†and who aren’t always in control.¬†¬†¬†¬† Heroes who are 100% Alpha have never appealed to me.¬†¬†¬†

So how has your taste in heroes changed over the years?   How has it remained consistent? Also, feel free to share some of your celebrity crushes from back in the day.


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bloggus interuptus

Yeah, I am buried under deadlines, I just got back from the dentist, feel like my jaw is a foot wide and the school called to inform me Spawnetta broke her glasses.

I will be a better blogger nexr week. For now, I am off to the eye doctor.

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An Amazing Week

Sorry I missed you last week Tale Tellers. My infant grandson had cranial surgery on the 16th and I was involved in hospital visits and sibling care. Thankfully, all went amazingly well. A week later and you’d hardly know the little man had endured such trauma.

Just look at this perfect little round baby head…and after only one week!


As if a perfect surgery and stellar recovery wasn’t enough, the universe saw fit to give me yet more good news. What was that, you ask? On the day of the surgery, I received “The Email”…an agent interested in representing my work! Who says the universe doesn’t have a sense of humor? At any other time, that email would’ve sent me into a whirl of nerves. As it was, I responded that she’d caught me at a bad time, explained my situation, and asked for leave to get back to her in a few days.

Well…a few days have passed and I spoke to her on the phone yesterday. I think we’re going to make a very good team. Faery Unexpected will need some changes, but her requests are reasonable and I understand her thinking. All to the good. I have the draft contract in my little grubby fingers, and the real deal is in the mail.

Wow! It’s been an amazing (and emotionally exhausting) week!


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Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Clap, Clap, Clap)

Interestingly, I actually have something to say today, but I can’t. ¬†I’m out of town. ¬†But I thought I would drop by and say hello from San Antonio, TX. ¬†Hello!


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Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got

How would your hero reply to the following questions about your heroine?

1. What three words/phrases would you use to describe her.

2. What do you think is her strongest/best quality?

3. What behavior/quality of hers do you like the least?

I’ll post my answers in the comment section.


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