Make sure the venue is appropriate for your work.

I currently have a featured author spot scheduled for April and I scheduled it figuring I could showcase any of my work, but that is evidently not true. So now I’m trying to figure out what to highlight as “sensual” instead of “erotic.” And I need an author pic (um I don’t think the snapshot of me in my pajamas on Christmas morning will be appropriate). And a bunch of other stuff that makes me go eek.

Sure am glad they gave me three weeks to get my act together. I’m going to need every day of the 21. Erk.

For other promotion tips, pop by Romance Divas this week. Colleen Gleason is giving a promo workshop!

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  1. *lol* Good luck getting your “stuff” together. Three weeks wouldn’t be enough for me *giggle*

    Colleen’s class is GREAT, BTW.

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