Thursday 13: TO DO LISTS

Mine is never ending, please tell me your is too. I have this weird secret fear that EVERYONE in the free world has way more available time than I do and I am always three clicks behind everyone else. Hence, this blog post.

13 things I NEED to do before the weekend:

13) Laundry. Come on, how long can a family of five live out of a sock basket anyway? Uhm, months in my case. Sorry, I failed sock  mating 101 in college.

12) Swap bedding. The Omen got a new mattress. What did I do? Loving mother that I am, I slapped some sheets on it, through a comforter over it and promised to put the coveted Spiderman sheets on. Yeah. I need to do that.

11) Shampoo my carpets. I have been putting this off because it is so damn cold. I want to be able to open the windows and let a warm breeze in to help with drying. Maybe this weekend but DEFINITELY not today. brrrr

10) FIx the cracked tile in the kitchen. I have the goop. I am just procrastinating. It is one tile, It now rocks if you step on it. Oops.

9) I have 13 ebooks and at least that many print books piled on my desk. I really need to read some of them before I get overloaded. Oh, too late.

8 ) Twitter. I signed up for facebook(hate it) and myspace (hate it) and I am dreading twitter. But everyone keeps telling me, JUST TWEET ME!  Uhm, is that even legal in all states? *sigh* Yeah, I will do it. Soon. Really.

7) decide if I am goingto my HS reunion. I doubt it but there is the niggling part of my head that says DO IT!  I dunno, I have a month to decide yet.

6) Clean Spawnetta’s room. It is like a toxic waste dump threw up in there. Seriously, I will need gloves. And trash bags. And a face mask. Possibly alcohol.

5) I am 2/3 to 3/4 through my rewrite of a historical. I NEED to finsih that like NOW.

4) I have an interview for research I cancelled because of weather then she got sick then I had a dentist appointment…you get the picture. Thankfully this lady is great and I am a few months away from needing this research. Still, I should do it soon.

3) My CP has chapters posted that I need to get to. I just noticed them this morning. I need to hop on that pony too.

2) I just noticed I still have three Christmas cards taped to my fridge *groan*

1) I HAVE TO CLEAN MY HOUSE MORE THAN A LICK AND A PROMISE. Seriously, the living room gets a hard on every time I go in there now I have been licking so long. *Sigh*  Gotta do that today.


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9 responses to “Thursday 13: TO DO LISTS

  1. Good grief, hon! You make me tired just reading that. LOL Happy Thursday! *HUGS*

  2. Jen

    LMAO!! You make lists? What is this “Cleaning House” you speak of? I swear, you start rambling like this and I’m just lost. LOL.
    Okay, okay. I surrender. I will go put the cap back on my toothpaste.

  3. More power to you on all counts – except the Twitter thing. Do not feel pressed into it if you don’t wanna.

    Some of the other stuff could probably slide, too, of course. But the Twitter? Meh.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

    Best of luck with all of it, though!
    Happy TT!

  4. I have 3 words for you… delegate, delegate, delegate lol Good luck! Happy T13!

  5. Shawna

    Wow! Are you and I living a parallel existence? The only difference is mine isn’t tile, it’s shedding paint on the threshold of the front door, and I did do laundry yesterday, but with four kids at home, it’s a never-ending waterfall not helped by the fact my kids think the laundry hampers are a storage device for clothes they just can’t manage to put into drawers… in most cases five steps away from the laundry hampers…

    This is why I don’t make lists (or at least a physical copy, there is always one in my head) Even the list makes me feel overwhelmed. Good luck!

  6. mamadivine

    My to do list is never ending. It seems like every time I cross one thing off, two things get added.

    Shawn, my kids do the same thing and it drives me crazy. I’ve found clothes on hangers stuffed in the hamper.

    Good luck with your list, Inez.

  7. talesfromthecrit

    I have a similar sad, sad list. But I don’t know if I will ever get to it. First I have to teach my preschool co-op. Today is my day. Eeep. And my house is a mess. Hope the other moms are forgiving. And I am riding your CP pony as fast as possible, LOL.


  8. Whew! That’s a lot of stuff!


    My TT is at

  9. You mean I’m supposed to do something besides throw all the clean socks into one basket and let the kids dig out what they want?


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