Wanks in Love

So I was reading some book the other day (that my bff is making me read so getting through it is a long and painful process) and there’s some talk about Wuthering Heights.  Personally, it may be my lack of sensitivity or romanticism as it is sometimes defined, but I have never been able to stand Wuthering Heights.  I hate both Heathcliff and Catherine.   Heathcliff is a dillhole and Catherine is like, wow, I just want to push her off her beloved cliff.  I’m just saying.

So anyway, in this book I’m reading very, very slowly, the heroine says that she loves the book because the point is that perhaps the only redeeming quality that either of them have is their love for each other.  WTH?  How does it redeem two a%#hats when they fall in love with each other?  Now they’re just a%*hats in love.  I don’t find that particularly redeeming.

Now I’m totally not against characters who are jerks.  I’m really not.  One of my favorite heroes of my own books is a guy who isn’t so sweet.  And those people do have to be redeemed.  And you know, I’m not against the redemption of one of the characters coming from their capability to love the other MC.  I’m really not.

However, I am against the only redemption for both of the characters coming from their not oft seen ability to love.  Like something, for once, broke through their miasma of selfishness and bad judgement and now they should be congratulated?

So what’s your take on subject guys?  Do you think it’s acceptable to have a book wherein both characters have nothing goign for them at all except that they are capable of loving one another?


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