Yeah, I am rushing but I am serious, too. Like so many mothers, I often end up being a martyr even when I don’t want to be. I want to bask in toddlerhood and be the center of the universe for one day. So in that vein, here are 13 things I want.  Some I can and will get, others, I can hoep for, a few, dream on…but it doesn’t change the facts. I WANT IT!!

13) a completely clean house, shampoo’d carpets, laundry caught up, etc.

12) Multiple orgasms – with a partner

11) my own ipod so I can quit stealing my kids

10) eReader bu I want more options features than are offere now so I want them to hurry up and get the bugs worked out!

9) One week at a spa, all me, alone, with nothing to do but write, chat, bask in beauty treatments like seaweed wraps and mud masks

8 ) all my favorite movies on DVD and the time to watch them

7) A three book deal, signed and ready to go

6) I want my cover for JINXED so bad I can taste the damn thing

5) I want to see my Ex one more time

4) I want my waistline back

3) A really lusciously rich bowl of lobster bisque

2) A nose job

1) Stiffer penalties for parole violators….AND WORLD PEACE!!



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12 responses to “THURSDAY 13: WANT WANT WANT

  1. Those are all good choices — best of luck in your quest

  2. Jen

    Yep! I hear ya. You know, I didn’t used to be one of those women who wanted the “spa treatment”…..and then I had kids.
    I hope you get ALL of those.

  3. Shawna

    Oh, that sounds like heaven. Good luck with them all.

  4. I want the three book contract. Actually, I’ll settle for whatever I can get and still be over the moon.

  5. mamadivine

    Great list. I hope they all become a reality.

  6. I’m wishing for ’em for you, if it helps… I don’t have kids, but I know it’s a heckuva lotta work!

    You have my respect, and good vibes sent your way.

  7. I hope you obtain every item on your list. Um, and when #1 is done can you arrange for mine as well. I so need to do some housework today but I’m going to ignore that and write instead!

  8. Nice list – I hope you get everything you wish for some day!

  9. May all your wishes come true. Happy T13!

  10. Great wish list. Good luck! 🙂

  11. Lesa

    #13 lol

    You always make me laugh. 🙂

  12. Janice Seagraves

    I hope you do get all that you ask for and a few thing you didn’t.

    And it never hurts to ask, or wish for them.

    Happy TT.


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