What A Girl Wants

In the scene you’re currently writing or editing, what does your heroine want and why?  If you heroine isn’t in this scene, go back to the last one she’s in.

I’ll post my answer in the comments section.



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5 responses to “What A Girl Wants

  1. mamadivine

    Natalie wants to leave Christopher’s house because she’s tired, her shirt is soaked in lemonade and she’s starting to not hate him.

  2. aj

    Cali wants to have a nice “sort-of date” with a guy she thinks is a little nuts. But she likes him anyway.

  3. Wow, the last scene?

    Willa wants to go to sleep. She wants her newborn to grow in a loving, safe home. Safe being the operative word since she was an abused child.

  4. Zee wants to know the guy who threatened her is not able to reach her and she wants to know where Drew has stashed his girlfriend.

  5. C.

    Arden wants to run deeper into the woods and kill undead, even though Dev is telling her it’s a suicide mission.

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