Evolving Taste

Recently, I confessed a childhood crush I had on Dirk Benedict. I fell for him when he played Lt. Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica and grew more enamored with him as he played Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck on The A-Team.  I also had a thing for Larry Wilcox, who played Officer John Baker on CHiPs. 

My admission got me thinking about how my taste in heroes has changed since my infatuation with Dirk and Larry.     Now as a reader/viewer,  I’m drawn to dark haired heroes (the one exception being AJ’s Chandler, who I think has reddish blonde).    And heroes who are a little broken, who have vulnerabilities  and who aren’t always in control.     Heroes who are 100% Alpha have never appealed to me.   

So how has your taste in heroes changed over the years?   How has it remained consistent? Also, feel free to share some of your celebrity crushes from back in the day.



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5 responses to “Evolving Taste

  1. Niki Green

    I had a crush, a big one, on Donnie for the New Kids on the Block, I’m sorry he still looks good. Now, I lust, heavily, over Clive Owen(who doesn’t).

    I am into that tall, dark, handsome- grab- me- by- the- hair- of- the- head- and- drag- me- to- bed hero, but only if he will let me or the heroine tug a little bit too.

    I don’t think my attitude or my desire for my hero has changed as much as my absolute need for a new heroine. I am not a wilting flower and I don’t want my heroines to be. The hero is always and will always be the alpha, but there is no reason for the heroine not to have a backbone.

  2. mamadivine

    Niki, if I had to choose a New Kid to be on my block it would be Donnie.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. jodi

    *sigh* I had a thing for Dirk Benedict, too. It kind of ruined me for the new Battlestar galactica. But I really liked Jan Michael Vincent on Airwolf.

    I like heroes with complexity too, and 70s/80s heroes were pretty one dimensional. Guess I’ve grown past a pretty face. 🙂

  4. Shawna

    I also had a crush on Dirk Benedict, or rather Starbuck, way back when, now it’s Johnny Depp. So from heroic to quirky? ; )

    My favorite leading men are tough shelled with a vulnerable core and man enough to let the leading lady rescue on occasion.

  5. aj

    My New Kid was Joey McIntyre lol. I’ve never really had a taste in men. I do have to say that I myself favor the dark haired men. I have very few blond heroes of my own, Chandler being one of the rare exceptions. So I’m with you on that Mama.

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