They have grass…and trees.

So, I just got back from vacation.  I was in San Antonio.  They have grass there.  It was interesting.  I went outside.  I don’t really do that.  When I lived in Colorado I was a very outdoorsy person.  But in New Mexico I just can’t bring myself to tromp around amid the rocks and cacti.  Not so much back to nature the way I’ve always pictured it.

What does this have to do with writing?  Freaking nothing.  But since no one will read this anyway I can write whatever I want.  So there.  I didn’t write while I was on vacation.  But then I thought, “Well, I’m on vacation.  I don’t really need to write while I’m on vacation.”  Then I finished the vacation.  And I still can’t write.  So there goes that theory.

My brain feels completely fried.  But I remain hopeful that all will be well within a day or two.  Because if  I don’t write then how can I ever hope to complete my plan to take over the world?  Oh wait, did I say that out loud…



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7 responses to “They have grass…and trees.

  1. Neith

    HA! I read it.

    Yes, San Antonio has grass – and a really lovely river. I hope you got to do the River Walk thing. My BFF’s family lives in San Antonio. A beautiful city.

    As to the writing blahs – no worries. I think we all get them.


  2. mamadivine

    Double Ha! I read it too.

    It took several days for my brain to de-fry…unfry(?) after hosting a surprise birthday party for my mom a couple of weekends ago. Your writing magic will come back.

  3. talesfromthecrit

    I did go to the Riverwalk. We watched some guy play his bagpipes. It was pretty cool.

  4. LOL, I read it too! And you made me snort. 😛 With all that spunk oozing from ya, I have no doubt you’ll be back in the writing saddle in no time. Glad you had a good vacation. 😛

  5. Shawna

    LOL, I’ve never been to San Antonio, closest was Austin.

    Let your brain heal; the writing bug isn’t curable. : )

  6. Mariella Morgan

    I think my writing block is more like Invasive Procrastination Syndrome. Why do I think that? Because I procrastinate period; you name it, I procrastinate there, too. So why shouldn’t I procrastinate in my writing? Wouldn’t it be odd if I didn’t procrastinate in my writing?
    I think my IPS is in remission for now at least. I posted 700 words of a story I promised to write on my blog — I’ve named it A Miracle for Amanda. btw, Amanda isn’t the heroine. She is the daughter of the heroine.
    I’m sure that you will “recover” soon. Hang in there. Mariella Morgan

  7. talesfromthecrit

    Heya Sally. Haven’t seen you around for awhile.

    Mariella, I love the term Invasive Procrastination Syndrome. Funny.

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