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Thursday 13:

Okay, really, I wanted to smack him. My palm ITCHED to smack the crap right out of him.

Who you ask?

A former co-worker. He is young, like super young, youngest the 911 center ever hired young. The fact that he is 6’7″ and legal to vote does not take away that he is a baby.

Like walking fetus, get me?

Anyway, he stopped by the house to chit chat which normally I like and he does a few times a month. He is funny and the kind of old fashioned mannered KID that I like. I hope my sons grow up as polite. But if they are this…STUPID, I will paddle their hind ends!!

Things my embryonic ex-coworker has said to me in the past month.

13- Have you heard of ZZ Top? My mother likes them so I thought you might.

12- George Carlin? Who is that? What seven words?

11- Telly Savalas? Huh?

10- What’s a Fonzie?

9- You saw Jaws? In a theater? Wow.

8- Stamps were a dime?!?!

7- Tianamen Square? Where is that?

6- Johnny Carson? Wasn’t that ‘Walk the Line’ movie about him?

5- Some one shot the pope?

4- He asked how could you learn anything before Google?

3- He had no idea Iran once held Americans hostage.

2- He has never used a BOTTLE OPENER! I asked him to hand me the church key and he went waaaaaa?

1- I was singing along with the radio and mentioned it was the theme for my prom. He said “I heard that the other day on one of those Time Life Collection things.”

Shit, I feel old.



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A Writer’s Rest

I’m enjoying a few days’ rest after last week’s mad scramble to complete my revision and get it to my editor.

What does a few days’ rest look like? Well, for me it’s been busy *LOL*

We’re preparing to change our living arrangement, so I’ve been sorting through belongings deciding what to keep and what to toss, cleaning, rearranging furniture, cleaning, and generally making more of a mess than straightening. It all sounds more industrious than it is. Sorting takes a lot of time and is very sedentary.

Ah well. Change is good.

A positive change for my writing occured yesterday. DH bought me an external hard drive to use as a back-up for my laptop. Hooray!! Up until this point, my back-up procedures have been iffy at best. I’ve backed up important files to a thumb drive (Yeah, I know. Inadequate.) and I’ve saved all of my manuscripts and WIP to the file section of a private Yahoo group (where I’m the owner and sole member). I’m thrilled to have the new system. It’s set to automatically back-up my entire hard drive every night at 10:00. Wow! I’ll continue to use Yahoo though. Off site storage is also a very good idea.

So. What will I be doing today? Between sorting, packing, and rearranging, I’ll be brainstorming the sequel to Faery Unexpected. Time to play with my digital post-it notes once more!

Have a good week, Critters!

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Changing Thumbelina release day (and still revising)

My short story “Changing Thumbelina” is available today at Freya’s Bower. Ya’ll might remember this is the story that won Nathan Bransford’s Best First Paragraph blog contest an embarrasingly long time ago. It’s not literary. And it’s not work safe. But it is full of frog love.

I’m (still) revising Pearl2. Bad Idea: Reading a very good book on revising/editing your manuscript while trying to revise/edit your manuscript. Ok, so it’s actually a good idea and I’m learning a lot from this experience (who knew I’m one of those writers who neglects to create a defined story goal?). When I finish revisions and get this story out the door, I intend to blog a write up of my thoughts MANUSCRIPT MAKEOVER Elizabeth Lyons, which I borrowed from the library but will add to my bookshelf as soon as I’m moved and settled in the new location.

In the meantime – enjoy Tuesday!


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What Makes Your Heroine NOT a Damsel in Distress?

I’ll post my answer in the comment section.


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Thursday 13: romantic songs

Do you listen to music while you write? I do occasionally and agree it can help set the mood. When those romantic poignant moments come, what songs inspire you? Here are a list of 13 that I have found help me set my mind on the right path.

Breathe by Faith Hill

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers

First time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack

I Believe by Diamond Rio

She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel

Love me Tender by Elvis Presley

No Ordinary Love by Sade

Fever by Michael Buble

Amazed by Lonestar

Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

Say Nothing at All by Alison Krauss

So how about you? What’s on your iPod?


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Busy Week = Short Post

Acckkk! Why THIS week!

I’ve been job hunting for months. Not a single request for an interview. *sigh*

This week I have to finish the revision of my YA novel and get it in my agent’s hands by Friday. (There’s an editor waiting for it!) So what happens? This morning I get a call about a great job…with an interview Thursday afternoon.


I leave you now to drown myself in my revision. I promise to give you a REAL post next week. Unless, of course, something else comes up *LOL*

Have a good one!

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News in Emily land

New website! My fantastic CP, Elise Logan, decided to share her presence with me on the Internet. Yay!

As an extension of the new website, I’m trying my hand at futuristic fiction. Hope you’ll take a peek at the serial fiction offering Elise and I have at

I have a release next Tuesday. Yay!

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging at The Romance Studio Blue. About what, er…I’m not sure yet.

I’ve been working on revisions for a sequel to ALL THE TREES IN PEARL, which I hope to wrap up and submit by the end of this month. My brilliant conclusion? Revisions are hard. They really mess with the flow and rhythm of a draft. I’m not sure whether they’re harder with a sloppy draft or a clean one. But they are hard.

And my hot pink iPod Nano arrived today. Tell me in comments what tunes you can’t live without on your mp3 player? I am in the market to fill mine up!


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