I See Stories

Lately, I’ve been feeling like that kid from The Sixth Sense.  Instead of seeing dead people, I see story ideas.   Everywhere.  And in the oddest of places/situations.  It would be okay if I just said, That would make a cool story and then went on about my business.  Nah.  I start asking questions and filling in blanks.  Why this?  Why that?  What if…?

For instance, we rescued some stray kittens a couple years back, Tom and Jerry.  They’re sisters and are like night and day.   Tom is nice and stalks us (it’s not cute anymore).  Jerry is standoffish and only comes around when there’s no food in their containers.   They both end up pregnant by the neighbor’s cat.   And then raise their kittens together.   Is anyone else thinking Lifetime movie?  Or soap opera storyline?

I’ll spare you the story idea I got from the love triangle between some chickens we had.   So does anyone else ‘see’ stories in usual places?



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4 responses to “I See Stories

  1. talesfromthecrit

    Love triangle between some chickens. There really does have to be a story in there somewhere. And the cats can only be a lifetime movie if a psycho female cat tries to kill them, one of them gets gang raped or they decide to band together and kill the neighbor cat.


  2. inezkelley

    Oh yeah, random comments or common things I see can set off a movie in my head. The worst question I can ask myself is Why? If I ask that, then I have to answer it. And the answers ranges from 80-100K words LOL

  3. Shawna

    Oh Yes!

    I’ll be listening to music and the ‘mood’ in the song will inspire something like a ghost of a character and I ask, “who is that? Was is he doing? Why does he feel that way?” Or out dinner seeing a lone man stare into his drink while clinking the ice cubes against the side of the glass and I ask, “What is he hoping to see?”

    Inez is right, the answer is usually at least a couple thousand words long.

  4. thewritingdeskconundrum

    So nice to hear more people have this! Just random sentences people say can end up to be a huge story in my head. But as far as I’m concerned this is a great way of writing! The world is all we need!

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