Changing Thumbelina release day (and still revising)

My short story “Changing Thumbelina” is available today at Freya’s Bower. Ya’ll might remember this is the story that won Nathan Bransford’s Best First Paragraph blog contest an embarrasingly long time ago. It’s not literary. And it’s not work safe. But it is full of frog love.

I’m (still) revising Pearl2. Bad Idea: Reading a very good book on revising/editing your manuscript while trying to revise/edit your manuscript. Ok, so it’s actually a good idea and I’m learning a lot from this experience (who knew I’m one of those writers who neglects to create a defined story goal?). When I finish revisions and get this story out the door, I intend to blog a write up of my thoughts MANUSCRIPT MAKEOVER Elizabeth Lyons, which I borrowed from the library but will add to my bookshelf as soon as I’m moved and settled in the new location.

In the meantime – enjoy Tuesday!



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2 responses to “Changing Thumbelina release day (and still revising)

  1. Excellent! I love Elizabeth Lyon’s books. Her “The Sell Your Novel Toolkit” is great too. She’s a local author to me, so I get to run into her at conferences and readings occasionally. Very nice woman.

    • talesfromthecrit

      I ordered my copy after I blogged today, decided I couldn’t wait LOL. I’ll look for her other book at the library and give it a try 🙂 Thanks.

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