A Writer’s Rest

I’m enjoying a few days’ rest after last week’s mad scramble to complete my revision and get it to my editor.

What does a few days’ rest look like? Well, for me it’s been busy *LOL*

We’re preparing to change our living arrangement, so I’ve been sorting through belongings deciding what to keep and what to toss, cleaning, rearranging furniture, cleaning, and generally making more of a mess than straightening. It all sounds more industrious than it is. Sorting takes a lot of time and is very sedentary.

Ah well. Change is good.

A positive change for my writing occured yesterday. DH bought me an external hard drive to use as a back-up for my laptop. Hooray!! Up until this point, my back-up procedures have been iffy at best. I’ve backed up important files to a thumb drive (Yeah, I know. Inadequate.) and I’ve saved all of my manuscripts and WIP to the file section of a private Yahoo group (where I’m the owner and sole member). I’m thrilled to have the new system. It’s set to automatically back-up my entire hard drive every night at 10:00. Wow! I’ll continue to use Yahoo though. Off site storage is also a very good idea.

So. What will I be doing today? Between sorting, packing, and rearranging, I’ll be brainstorming the sequel to Faery Unexpected. Time to play with my digital post-it notes once more!

Have a good week, Critters!


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  1. I am on writing sabbatical, too, so I am doing laundry, brainstorming and reading.

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