Blogging Interrupted…

Sorry I’m late! I was finishing an absolutely amazing read. Wow. Haven’t read anything remotely like it since Alas, Babylon, Pat Frank’s classic post-apocalyptic of the late 50s.

If you can handle right-around-the-corner, post-apocalyptic, all-too-plausible science fiction, then by all means RUN, don’t walk to your nearest bookseller for a copy of One Second After by William R. Forstchen.

Warning: Do Not Read This Book without an entire BOX of tissues handy! He will tear your heart out on numerous occassions. Trust me on this. You’ll need those tissues and you won’t be able to put the book down to go get them.

BTW…I do not know this author. You’re getting my honest “I’m still bleary-eyed and stuffy-headed from crying” reaction to this novel.

In other news, I have a very cute picture of kittens on my blog

Sorry. Suffering from brain-fry. Later kids!

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