Around the Writing Blogsphere

Thought I’d do something different today and point out a few interesting blogs I’ve seen recently. Let’s go on a tour…

Agent Nathan Bransford posted an interesting article for those who are actively agent hunting. Check out his Hoops vs. Hints blog.

Similarly, Rachelle Gardner has given a list of  Questions to Ask an Agent when you get THE CALL.

Agent Wendy Lawton has taken us a step further with a great post on the Kiss of Death: Quitting the Day Job

Kristen Nelson gives us A Handy Tool for Authors…a new way to check our website statistics!

Switching to the writer side of the equation, Deadline Dame Jackie Kessler talks about the perils of writing short when you’re accustomed to writing long.

Meanwhile Carrie Vaughn warns us about Mistaking Action for Plot.

And finally, be sure to check out Holly Lisle’s thoughts on Shoes and Handbags…and how they relate to characterization.

Have a great week, everyone!


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