A walk with words

Want to take multiple journeys and never leave your house or pay a dime?


START HERE on a Summer Reading Trail.

Follow this trail and discover great new writers this summer. These free reads include short stories, serial installments, deleted scenes and book excerpts from published and unpublished authors. This trail will run from the beginning of June through the end of September, and stops will be updated on the first of every month, so you can enjoy a summer of reading.  You are encouraged to explore authors’ websites and blogs, to take a moment to leave them a comment and to bookmark sites and visit often.

Thanks to the following authors for their participation in the 2009 Summer Reading Trail.

YA and Middle School Authors

Heather S. Ingemar – The Wolf’s Kiss
Deb Logan – Deirdre’s Dragon

Non-Romantic and Sweets

Jodi Henley – Kill Velocity
AJ O’Donovan – Figments
Grace Draven – A Darkness of Gods
Voirey Linger – Her Little Boy

Sexy Romance

Inez Kelley – Jinxed
Moriah Jovan – Beltane
Barbara Romo – Undercover Alien

Erotic and Adult Content

Alina Morgan – Severed Spirits Rising, Part 1
Joely Sue Burkhart – The Shadowed Blood
Emily Ryan-Davis and Elise Logan – GMS: MERCY


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