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3 Things I Like About…

My Current WIP

1. My heroine
2. The chemistry between the hero and heroine
3. A scene where the heroine gets into a fight with a waitress

What three things do you like about your current WIP?



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Our blog-buddy AJ has had a run of bad luck that rivals a marathon but she is keeping her spirits as high as she can. I worked with her to devise this special THURSDAY 13.


13: Found out I was pregnant.
12: Started hormones to stay pregnant.

11: two days later, found  out I was getting evicted by my landlord

10: Had eight days to move.
9: Moved in with my mom
8: All of my stuff is in storage.

7: Found out I have pregnancy induced hypertension.

6: More drugs for THAT!

5: My son thinks my baby looks like a transformer

4: Got hit by a motorcyclist. My car is classified as totaled.

3: I’ve heard bupkis from the full MS at an agents.

2: The kids are bored out of their minds and stuck inside

And the biggest kick in the head? 1: The doctors think I’m old. Bah. I’m not even 35!!

So that is our Thursday 13 Update on AJ Chase. Bet you feel loads better about YOUR day,  huh?

Post your well wishes and hellos for AJ and her family in the comment sections and we’ll make sure she gets them!!


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It’s Contest Time!


June 21 – June 30, 2009

Get ready to surf the summer reading waves for amazing prizes!

The good news? IWOFA is sponsoring a “2009 Summer Breeze” Contest.

The even better news? You’ll be able to enter THREE separate categories! You can surf cool YA waters with your young readers, enjoy warm, delicious waves with mainstream authors, or dive into the hot, tempestuous storms of the erotica writers. Wow! What’s not to like?

Look for me, Debbie Mumford, on the mainstream page. My alter-ego, Deb Logan, can be found on the YA page.

Good Luck!! And enjoy the ride.

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Thursday 13: Tattoo’d candy

Lately I am fascinated with tattoos and I have no idea why. I have one hero (ONE) with a tattoo and two heroines. That is it. So why is my mind drifting to body ink? Is it because I just reread all seven Black Dagger Brotherhood books?

WRATH *drool*

I have no idea but I am sharing some with you. I discovered in looking for these, I have preferences. First, I am a hetero female, so I prefer males. DUH. Second, I prefer tribal or abstract designs. Third, I really need to get laid soon.

13 tattoos

back tat

chest and tat






tribal tat


nude tat





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Five Reasons Tolkien Rocks

Today I yield the floor to China Mieville and his Omnivoracious post, “There and Back Again: Five Reasons Tolkien Rocks”


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Best Couple

Of all the couples you’ve written, which is your favorite?  And why?


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Runes…My Newest Plotting Tool

I bought a new set of runes over the weekend. I think I’m in love. They’re polished hematite stones with the runes inscribed in gold. Absolutely lovely, and they have a nice heft in my hand.

I’m new to rune lore, but I’ve made friends with this set and they’re performing for me in ways I never could have imagined. I hate to sound like I have a screw loose (at least, no more than usual *lol*), but these lovely little stones actually helped me plot my next novel! How cool is that?

Here’s the process that developed:

1. I studied the attributes of each rune,
2. Picked an appropriate thought for my main character,
3. Wrote a sentence about what that rune’s counsel would mean in the MC’s world,
4. Arranged my sentences in an appropriate chronological order.

Voila! Instant outline…with no muddle in the middle!

Now, I haven’t got a clue what will happen in the individual scenes, but I know the underlying action / intent that must be illustrated in each chapter. That’s my kind of outline: a road map to keep me on the straight and narrow without a lot of detail to bog me down. I’m enough of a pantster that my muse needs room to play while I’m actually writing. Too detailed a plot stifles my desire to discover the story.

Who knew a set of runes would unlock such creative power?

Have fun, Critters. I’m off to put some flesh on the bones my new runes revealed…


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