I scrapped it and skinned it and scored!!

Yes I did. over 13K of 25 K tossed. Not lost. TOSSED.

Why? It sucked. Well, no, it didn’t suck. It was just not right for what I was doing. It was a romcom, or it was supposed to be. It morphed into some weird parody of a romcom with dark under tones. I actually cleaned to avoid writing on it. So yeah, scrapped it. It will sit on my hard drive until I skin it.

Skin it? Yeah, it is a cannibalistic thing really. See, I have 13k of decent words that just don’t fit with what I wanted it to be. So I am skinning off what I want and using elsewhere. Like the heroine. I like her. She did not meld well with the hero, who I like less. She did fit the plot but it was confining for her. Like a dress that is too snug in the bust. So I scalped the heroine, dusted her off, and plopped her fanny in a new WIP. It is working so much better.

The hero? Well, I liked PARTS of him. He was my main issue really. I had a cute little romcom worked out in my head and here this baggage laden guy strolls onto my page and I am like WTF??? He can tell me he is well adjusted all he likes, I have seen into his mind. Spooky creepy in there. Great fodder for another tale, not for this one. I shoved him in the vault.

I shoved the story in a vault too, decent enough but just not right for now.

So here I have this female, no male and uhm, no story. Yeah…

I popped some popcorn and set her up with the movie reel in my head that has all these floating mismatched scenes. I had her shout out when I got to her story. And she did. So I pulled that clip and we reviewed it. It was short, like ONE scene. So I asked an author’s favorite question. WHAT IF?

Then she started talking. Not much mind you, she is very closed mouthed. But her guy was in that clip and I snagged his butt, pulled him out and said talk. Boy, do I like him. He is different than any hero I have written so far but not like green skinned different. Just unique to me. So he told me his side of the story and I realized why she wouldn’t talk. And why he did. And why this scene, this one lone scene where I never saw the heroine’s face, stuck with me.

I have my story. SCORE!!

Now, the mad scramble to get it written on deadline! Scrapped from a dead story, Skinned the heroine out of it and I scored!  Not bad for dumpster diving in my head.


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3 responses to “I scrapped it and skinned it and scored!!

  1. I do this all the time. My first completed rough draft turned into four books this way.

  2. mamadivine

    Awesome! Glad you found her story.

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