Runes…My Newest Plotting Tool

I bought a new set of runes over the weekend. I think I’m in love. They’re polished hematite stones with the runes inscribed in gold. Absolutely lovely, and they have a nice heft in my hand.

I’m new to rune lore, but I’ve made friends with this set and they’re performing for me in ways I never could have imagined. I hate to sound like I have a screw loose (at least, no more than usual *lol*), but these lovely little stones actually helped me plot my next novel! How cool is that?

Here’s the process that developed:

1. I studied the attributes of each rune,
2. Picked an appropriate thought for my main character,
3. Wrote a sentence about what that rune’s counsel would mean in the MC’s world,
4. Arranged my sentences in an appropriate chronological order.

Voila! Instant outline…with no muddle in the middle!

Now, I haven’t got a clue what will happen in the individual scenes, but I know the underlying action / intent that must be illustrated in each chapter. That’s my kind of outline: a road map to keep me on the straight and narrow without a lot of detail to bog me down. I’m enough of a pantster that my muse needs room to play while I’m actually writing. Too detailed a plot stifles my desire to discover the story.

Who knew a set of runes would unlock such creative power?

Have fun, Critters. I’m off to put some flesh on the bones my new runes revealed…



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4 responses to “Runes…My Newest Plotting Tool

  1. How creative!

    Once in a while, all you need is something to help you focus. My mentor used to use Tarot cards. 🙂

    • Focus rocks! Of course, the other thing about runes is they’ve been used for centuries so the “meanings” kind of cover the scope of human emotion. Very flexible. Very intuitive.

  2. Kewl! I used to make sets of Runes. They went like hotcakes. I couldn’t make them fast enough. Geesh that was a long time ago.
    Have fun with them. I know I did (going searching for my set of Runes)

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