Thursday 13: Tattoo’d candy

Lately I am fascinated with tattoos and I have no idea why. I have one hero (ONE) with a tattoo and two heroines. That is it. So why is my mind drifting to body ink? Is it because I just reread all seven Black Dagger Brotherhood books?

WRATH *drool*

I have no idea but I am sharing some with you. I discovered in looking for these, I have preferences. First, I am a hetero female, so I prefer males. DUH. Second, I prefer tribal or abstract designs. Third, I really need to get laid soon.

13 tattoos

back tat

chest and tat






tribal tat


nude tat





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14 responses to “Thursday 13: Tattoo’d candy

  1. Oh my, now isn’t this a yummy blogpost. I love tattooed men, but prefer long hair to go with it.
    Happy T13!

  2. Sweeeeeet!!

    I really like monotone tattoos like these. Ok, fine, I mostly like what’s under them. Can’t blame a girl for drooling.

  3. Very nice. I did a post about tattoos not long ago.
    Google for an image of Sonny Bill Williams. He has some nice looking tatts.

  4. Oh, these are yummy.

  5. Ohhhhhh yes …. I have a thing about tattoos too. These are hawt!! 😉 Happy Thursday! *hugs*

  6. Very nice. I have a few characters with tattoos, tribal and other.
    Happy T13!

  7. Jen

    There were tattoos?
    LOL. I love those.

  8. OK, I came back to look at the first one again.

  9. mmmm. tasty! Thanks for sharing, Inez!

  10. Whether I’m into tattoos or not depends on the guy with the tattoo! LOL! And you’ve got some hunky ones there!


    My TT is at

  11. Aw yes…um, tattoo’s do work! Yes siree do! lol Great TT, thanks!

  12. I’m not a tattoo fan but I do like Runes.

  13. Ugh. Sorry, not a fan of tattoos.

  14. orleansgirl

    who is the last guy? what is his name? please tell me!!!!

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