Our blog-buddy AJ has had a run of bad luck that rivals a marathon but she is keeping her spirits as high as she can. I worked with her to devise this special THURSDAY 13.


13: Found out I was pregnant.
12: Started hormones to stay pregnant.

11: two days later, found  out I was getting evicted by my landlord

10: Had eight days to move.
9: Moved in with my mom
8: All of my stuff is in storage.

7: Found out I have pregnancy induced hypertension.

6: More drugs for THAT!

5: My son thinks my baby looks like a transformer

4: Got hit by a motorcyclist. My car is classified as totaled.

3: I’ve heard bupkis from the full MS at an agents.

2: The kids are bored out of their minds and stuck inside

And the biggest kick in the head? 1: The doctors think I’m old. Bah. I’m not even 35!!

So that is our Thursday 13 Update on AJ Chase. Bet you feel loads better about YOUR day,  huh?

Post your well wishes and hellos for AJ and her family in the comment sections and we’ll make sure she gets them!!



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12 responses to “Thursday 13: UPDATES ON AJ CHASE

  1. AJ Chase

    Evicted probably isn’t the right word. There house was going into forclosure. But nevertheless the message is the same. No house. Thanks for the thoughts. 🙂


  2. Oh, AJ! Boy, if the doctors think you’re old I’d hate to hear what they think about me!


  3. I’m sorry you and your family are going through this, AJ Sending some positive vibes your way!

  4. ((hugs)) AJ! Sending you some positive vibes. Things will be better soon, so hang on.

    35 is considered old now? WTF? Were these drs. space aliens? Doogie Hausers? Sheesh. Yeah, I’m with Shelley. If they think you’re old, I’d hate for them to get a look at me! rofl.

    We didn’t do a T13 this Thursday since it is a Midnight Brew Thursday and our guest is Georgia Evans. Ya’ll stop by if you can and wave hi.


  5. I’m so sorry, AJ! Sending a ton of hugs, love and prayers your way. I hope things take a turn for the better and SOON. *Hugs*

  6. Jen

    You ain’t old honey. What a pain in the neck!!! Moving sucks.
    Hang in there.

  7. {{{Hugs}}} AJ! I’ve been wondering about you. Sorry you’re having such a run of bad luck *sigh*

    Tossing faery dust in your direction.

  8. Here’s hoping things start looking up for you soon, AJ!

  9. Hugs AJ! You are not old! Sheesh! I was 35 when son #2 was born and pushing 40 when the surprise of #3 came. Consider yourself experienced and smack the doctors.

    Our house is in forclosure right now, but hubby just went back to work (he’s an airline pilot) so I think there might be light in the tunnel.

    I about fell off my chair about the motorcycle… OMG!

    Okay… things are only going to get better. I’ll send some positve vibes your way and light some red ginger for you.

    – Mary

  10. Sending hugs, warm thoughts and prayers for you, AJ!

  11. Janice Seagraves

    I’m sorry your having such problems. I agree with Jen, moving does suck.

    BTW 35 is not old. I’m 48 and I don’t feel old, well most days. Doctors just have a god complex and think everything they say should be written on a stone tablet.

    Hang in there. Remember that when your in the bottom, you can only move in one direction, up.

    Keep looking up.

    Take care and happy TT.

  12. AJ

    Thanks for the positive thoughts y’all. I’m sure it will be fine. But it is quite the run of bad luck!

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