3 Things I Like About…

My Current WIP

1. My heroine
2. The chemistry between the hero and heroine
3. A scene where the heroine gets into a fight with a waitress

What three things do you like about your current WIP?



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11 responses to “3 Things I Like About…

  1. Charlotte McClain


    1. The humor.
    2. The fact that neither the hero nor the heroine know what they’re getting into with each other.
    3. The fact that they wouldn’t care if they did.

  2. Yay! I’m in the murky middle of my revisions…got to keep it positive…

    1. My hero is cold and impassive, but people still like him.
    2. It’s more complicated than the stories I’ve done before.
    3. The lantern festival scene still makes me happy no matter how many times I read it.

  3. inezkelley


    I am delving into a dark place I have never ventured before.

    I am learning about my characters on a different level than ever before since this is 1st person.

    Pain hurts on the inside and the outside and both leave scars.

  4. For Redd :
    1.) How anti-heroine/juvenile deliquint my heroine is
    2.) How the hero and heroine meet – when she steals his car
    3.) The chemistry between the two

  5. 1. Exploring child-rearing in two current wip. Before these two stories, none of my former heroines had kids. It’s been very eye-opening, but fun. 🙂

    2. I like Joy because she is hard-working, determined, and a great mom to her son. She’s the kind of person I’d love to sit down with over coffee and simply listen.

    3. I love the hero, because he is emotionally scarred and is a great partner for Joy.

  6. C.

    The question is, which WIP? 🙂 So, for the one I’m physically writing now:

    1. An intense, brooding hero
    2. I’m having fun creating and describing various types of demons
    3. A bedroom scene involving a sari and a headboard. 😉

  7. 1.I love my hero and heroine
    2. I love the time travel aspect
    3.My secondary characters are hilarious.

  8. 1. That I think one of my characters is going to be a sex goddess-literally.
    2. That it’s set in Vegas, baby!
    3. That it may just be the most unlikely combination of subjects and themes I have ever seen in a romance.

  9. 1. I like the setting (Victorian London).
    2. I like the villain.
    3. I like the prologue.

  10. 1) my hero(ine) Lianon. I love her so much, she’s the MC of two of my published books, andthe one I’m working on.

    2)secondary character Samulo. Most lovable, decent, honorable booty call ever.

    3)my other heroine, because she’s brave enough to fall in love with a man, and still love him when he turns out to be a woman. 🙂

  11. my heroine is really complicated
    the setting is fun – a glossy fashion and beauty magazine
    I have a fab villainess

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