How Long Is Yours?

I’ve been doing some research on a series I plan to write later in the year.  I’m learning lots.  And getting ideas for other stories.  This would be great if I my To Write list wasn’t already way long and I didn’t write slow.  Still,  I’m adding these new ideas to the list and expect to add more.  Currently, my To Write list is  38 ideas long.

How long is yours? (You can include incomplete wips too)


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11 responses to “How Long Is Yours?

  1. 38?! 🙂

    I have 4 projects in mind right now…but one is actually a trilogy! I need to figure out which I’m going to attack next.

  2. inezkelley

    I have no idea. At least 13 WIP and IIATP(Ideas in active thinking process).

    I was just thinking this morning that I have a mental folder of scenes that have no full plot, not specific characters, etc. I let those brew. One day I find the stories they belong in.

  3. I think I’m up to 22 WIPS, plus about 14 brewing ideas and a few more concepts I’ll go back and get worked out later.

  4. Ha! 2. And I’m only really hot about 1 of them.

    Also wrestling with whether it’s worth revising Book 1 or not, which is an old idea that needs a new coat of paint.

    With so few ideas, I’m dead in the water if they’re not winners. 🙂

  5. I don’t have an exact number anymore, because my ideas are all scattered, but, um, a lot. And more keep popping up, like this morning, when one of my neighbors was yelling like crazy.

    It’s got well over 20 though, I know that much.

  6. I have ten story ideas on my to write list. : )

  7. I have an even dozen that I’ve actually written a chapter or two on or plotted out. Ideas? Uhm…I have dozens in a file. Don’t know how many are viable. If I’d taken the time to really think about them they’d be in the first set *lol*

  8. Tasha

    I have two of those fatty 4×3 Mead notebooks full of ideas. Actually WIPS (if we’re counting started and languishing as well) is around 22. …er wait….just started something new a few nights ago. 23.

  9. 38? wips?

    Yowza! Here I am trying to work through one sequel, one story that’s an on going saga (free read) over on my blogspot, and 3 novellas (don’t have exact word count expectations).

    Sometimes my ideas cross over into other stories and that makes me confused. So I stop writing for awhile and let them stew. What do I end up with?

    A time traveling Fae Princess, a double life experience for the hero, magical immortals and evil wizards. Shapeshifters and burning rose essence. It’ll all come together–eventually. . .

    All in a days work. lol ;o)

    ~ Aithne Jarretta

  10. 24. Assuming we aren’t counting the one that is contracted (done but for edits). The idea file, though, has another (I had to check) 13. So, if you are counting WIP and ideas, 37. Great. Now I’m fighting my competitive streak, which wants me to pop up two more ideas just to beat your 38. lol.

    I have to say, though, that fully half of these are probably never going to see any further work. Either the idea or the characters just weren’t gelling.


  11. hmm…the one I’m writing now is at just over 9K and it’s due to Kensington in October. I just turned in a novel (85K) and a novella (22K).After that I have Jan, April, June and October deadlines in 2010. (1 for Kensington, 3 for NAL)
    When I’ve finished all those I might get to me ideas place again!

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