Thursday 13: Words that make me smile

No reason except they do. I hope one makes you smile. And tell me one that does if it is not here!

13- facetious

12- fricassee

11- sassafras

10- doppelganger

9- taint

8- smegma

7- squeegee

6- caddywampus

5- kumquat

4- spork

3- bamboozle

2- onomatopoeia

1- buttcrack – it is too one word!



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11 responses to “Thursday 13: Words that make me smile

  1. ooo.. squeegee is the best.

  2. #4, but then you should know that. It makes me giggle, especially when it’s used randomly and at inappropriate times, LOL. 😀

  3. They all made me smile. LOL! Happy Thursday, Inez! 🙂

  4. They made me smile too. I like surreptitious.

  5. Christina DeLorenzo

    Shelly stole my word! LOL!

    I told my sister that I loved that word just last week. Anyhow, great list. They all made me smile.

  6. LOL fun list! How about, skitters ? Happy T13!

  7. Fun and funny words to say. To add to the list, lascivious. Go ahead. I dare you say it with a straight face. *g*

  8. Fun idea. Got a smile out of me. Happy T13 🙂

  9. Janice Seagraves

    Okay, now I’m going to have to look up smegma and onomatopoeia.

    Happy TT.


  10. inezkelley

    ROFLMAO Let me know what you think of smegma Janice

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