Thursday 13: Sites I visit

Is it time for the kids to go back to school yet?  My productivity this summer has been squat.  Still, I try to have a morning rouotine. These are some places I surf to everyday.

13) Inez Kelley – yeah, I start with my own webpage, checking stats and making sure gremlins didn’t descend in the night.

12) EMAIL ACCOUNTS – I check them a few times a day but like to start out with an empty inbox

11) Romancing the Blog – for some reason, their side blogroll disappeared. This used to be my launching point of the day.

10) Bookends LLC – an agent who is mostly industry talk

9) Facebook – I hate it and yet there I am *sigh*

8 ) Dear Author – industry review and news

7) SmartBitches – nobody does snark like the bitches

6) Twinshock – a parenting board with other bitches

5) CNN – I have to pretend I knowwhat isgoing on in the world

4) Amazon – top sellers, stats, etc

3) Youtube – research, it is pure research. *cough*

2) Writer Beware – warning, Will Robison, danger

1) Romance Divas – DUH!!


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10 responses to “Thursday 13: Sites I visit

  1. Jen

    You’re better than me. I’m usually just at Divas and my email. LOL.
    Great list, Inez.

  2. We share many of the same haunts. Happy T13!

  3. Wish I had more time to make daily ventures to the sites on your list. Sigh. Email, divas, and my site (since it’s new and I’m secretly afraid it will poof away overnight). But I’m impressed with your daily jaunts!

  4. Gotta have Divas on there! LOL! Great TT1


    My TT is at

  5. Saving the best for last? 🙂

  6. That’s a lot of surfing. I only drift by a couple of those sites on a daily basis.

  7. Christina DeLorenzo

    I don’t visit daily, but I check many of these sites at least once a week…except for RD, of course. That is many times a day.

  8. We do have some similar cruising routes. I think you hit all my daily stops, except I also visit “The Galaxy Express” on a regular basis. It’s a reader run blog dedicated solely to Science Fiction Romance. Read it all the time.

  9. You KNOW I’m all over number one! That an email are my addictions.

  10. We visit a lot of the same sites. LOL Have a great weekend, Inez! 🙂

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