Genre Journey

1. What genre(s)  did you begin your writing journey in?

2. What genre(s) do you write now?

3. What genre(s) would you like to/plan to write in the future?



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15 responses to “Genre Journey

  1. mamadivine

    1. I started writing women’s fiction. My stories were depressing.

    2. I’m currently writing romantic comedy/humorous couple’s fiction and urban fantasy.

    3. I’d like to write mystery and romantic suspense.

  2. 1. I began writing sweet category romance.

    2. I’m now writing erotic romance.

    3. Longer erotic romance and hot contemporary romance.

  3. 1 – I started in Historical – Victorian
    2- Currently working in Contemporary
    3- Who the heck knows? I like Contemporary

  4. 1. I started writing contemps

    2. I now write futuristics & paranormals for NY & some contemps for Samhain (all spicy/erotic).

    3. I’m up for anything!

  5. melsmag

    1. YA (never thought about that until just now) and romantic suspense
    2. Paranormal, urban fantasy
    3. same as 2 but also romantic suspense again and contemps

  6. C.

    1. I started out writing fantasy until my beta readers started complaining about all the “luv stuff”.

    2. I now write fantasy and paranormal romance, all heat levels.

    3. I’d like to write historicals.

  7. inezkelley

    1- I started writing YA. (Shuddup)

    2- romance(comedy, contemporary, fantasy, historical), YA and women’s fiction

    3- I have a romantic suspense bouncing in my head

  8. 1. What genre(s) did you begin your writing journey in?

    Science fiction and fantasy

    2. What genre(s) do you write now?

    Erotica and historical, with romance and paranormal/fantasy

    3. What genre(s) would you like to/plan to write in the future?

    SF, Fantasy, Historical Romance

  9. 1. I started writing historical — Regency
    2. I write paranormal, with the occasional, extremely rare foray into historical — Regency and Renaissance — and the also extremely rare foray into sweet contemp flash fic. All comedic or “light” in tone.
    3. Longer stories, either historical or paranormal. Still light.

  10. 1. My first book was a paranormal romance.

    2. I expanded into fantasy by accident. Now I think I’ll be doing a time share between the two.

    3. I could see myself writing a contemporary romance, but my heart isn’t in it. I’m a two trick pony it seems :0)

  11. I write physician bluegrass fiction. I guess I am a one trick pony, but since I am the only writer in the genre it will take a while to cover it.

  12. 1. Started writing romantic suspense

    2. Currently writing romantic suspense, erotic romance, light paranormals

    3. Still plan to write all of the above but I’d also like to try writing a darker paranormal (still RS)

  13. 1. I started with straight contemporary romance

    2. Erotic, Contemporary and Paranormal (all romance)

    3. Fantasy (do NOT laugh) and historical but like ancient history type historical more specifically Egyptian at the moment but I am doing more research and finding more places I’d like to visit in my writing.

    Good questions. You got my juices flowing a bit there.

  14. 1. Romantic Suspense
    2. Contemporary Romance
    3. YA fantasy/urban fantasy, Women’s fiction with a hint of the whimsy, Contemporary Romance

  15. Really late commenting, sorry, lol, but they’re interesting questions 🙂

    1. I started off in angsty contemporaries

    2. I write SF erotic romance for the most part, with side trips into fantasy and paranormal romance

    3. I’d like to try my hand at steampunk, but the research needed scares me!

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