Are You That Reader?

The one “they” say will stop reading a story if the first sentence or first paragraph or first page doesn’t hook you.

I’m not.  I’ll read at least a chapter of a story before moving on to something else.  Not all stories can open with a BANG!.

How much does the first sentence/paragraph/page play into your decision to keep reading a book? How far do you read before deciding to put a story down?



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13 responses to “Are You That Reader?

  1. yvonnelefoy

    I will read several chapters – maybe even half the book before I put it down. I give it a darn good try.

  2. I was just reading an ebook from a new author. I read up to page 12 and stopped. *shrug* Sometimes it takes me longer to make up my mind but sometimes I can tell right off the bat that I won’t enjoy the experience.

    Most of the time it has nothing to do with the actual story. The writing itself is what does it for me.

    Unfortunately, there are just too many published authors out there these days with no skill. I don’t want to waste my time when there are so many other books to read.

  3. I will read a few paragraphs of a book I’ve picked up. I’m the reader that will forgive almost anything for a good voice. The author either clicks instantly, or they don’t for me.

    I’m hooked on style more than genre or storyline. Some authors just sink their hooks in me.

    J.R. Ward is one. Kim Knox is another. I read one of Kim’s exercises in a writing class and knew I had to have more. I don’t even read sci-fi.

  4. Jen

    No. I’m that reader that will finish the book anyway. LOL. My problem is I’m too easy. When I critique, I don’t always find the issues with a book. I’m too willing to go along with an author.

  5. I’m that reader when I’m browsing in the store & pick up a book by a new-to-me author. If it’s not at the store/library, I’ll give it as long as I can & usually push to finish it–unless something in the story pushes a button or I start rolling my eyes too much.

  6. I generally read poetry, and (unfortunately) skim like a madman. A poem has to deliver a haymaker or else I clock out.

    Prose-wise, it depends on the book. If I picked it up because I thought the synopsis sounded interesting, I can easily get sucked into reading the whole book.

  7. inezkelley

    I can count on one hand the number of books I have not finished, even when they suck. I am that reader though that will throw books in the trash.

  8. I usually read up to 30 pages, if Im not hooked I skim. But I rarely put it down without finishing. I’ll be 2/3 of a way through a book before I realize I do not care about these characters.

  9. I tend to read to page 50 or Chapter 3 (whichever comes first) before I give up on a book.

  10. I’ve never given up after the first line. If I’m book shopping, the blurb has to hook me before I even open the book. Once I start reading, it’s more or less a three strikes your’re out thing. If something turns me off, I’ll skim over it and keep going. If I hit another snag I start to slow down and by the third bump, that’s it. I’m done.

  11. I will usually finish a book now matter how much it makes me want to gouge my eyes out. There have been only 3 books in my entire life that have made me despise them enough to put them down and I read at least half of each book before I couldn’t take it anymore.

  12. It really depends on the writing style. If it’s a style I like, or think I’ll enjoy, I’ll read on a bit. But if it’s a style I don’t like and the story just doesn’t grab me, I’ll put it down probably after 5-10 pages.

    There have only been a few books that I haven’t been able to read more than a page or so of.

  13. You know, It’s been so long since I’ve disliked a book enough to drop it that I don’t know how long it takes me! I’d say that I give it a few chapters. Although, I greatly appreciate a book that can open with a great line.

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