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  1. Puzzola/Andrew Somerby from “Painted Soul” and the Soul Series

    A dark brooding man with strong passion and desires hidden behind his Caribbean blue eyes. Tall, slender athletic build, sensual hands and long fingers along with his black hair and it’s stark white streak makes him a presence to behold. He moves like a black panther in the black clothes he always wears. Seductive, sexual, yet very much in control of himself, yet prone to emotional and artistic outbursts.

    Andrew Somerby grew up on the estate next to Hampton House and is a close friend of the McAlister brothers. His parents were ashamed of the white stripe of hair on his head so he was forced to die it most of his life. Andrew didn’t want to be apart of the family banking business; instead, he always wanted to be an artist.

    When Andrew met Elizabeth McAlister at the nightclub, The Place, she didn’t recognize him as her brother’s childhood friend, so he introduced himself as “Puzzola”. Instant attraction passed between them, but they weren’t given the opportunity to experience their relationship farther.

    After his grandparents’ death, he moved to Italy to attend art school and earned the nickname, Puzzola, Italian for “skunk” because of his two-tone hair. Due to his father’s disapproval, Andrew’s funds were frozen so he had to look into other ways of making money. Unfortunately, he was preyed upon by a seductive manipulator and blackmailer. While Puzzola was in dark despair in Italy, memories of Elizabeth kept him sane. He eventually escaped but not without hidden wounds.

    As a man, he returned to England as a popular artist but with deep dark, hidden secrets. Emotionally scarred, he withdrew from society, love, and lived two separate lives… one as a banker, the other as the mysterious underground artist. How long would it be before he’d be pulled apart by his life? When Elizabeth came back into his life, would she ever be able to turn him back into a man with a soul?

    Painted Soul, book one of the Soul Series by Mary Quast from Vanilla Heart Publishing

  2. Soren from Beyond the Rain by Jess Granger, Berkley Trade.

    From the Union species information database:

    “Physical characteristics: Byralen can be identified by dark stripes over their shoulders and arms and streaked hair in varying common shades. Their irises contain a phosphorescent chemical compound and can change color at will, possibly used as communication. Byralen emit potent sexual pheromones when aroused, and their sexual fluids contain highly addictive properties. Byralen are strong and fast. Their eyes have the ability to hypnotize. Though not known to be aggressive, Byralen can be deadly when trapped or cornered. Remaining in the presence of an aroused Byralen of the opposite sex can cause altered states of consciousness. Recommendation: Avoid contact if possible.”

    Both exotic and scarred, Soren has spent nearly half of his life enslaved and tortured for the hormones in his blood. He clung to his sense of humanity in any way he could, but the years of captivity have made him more animal than man.

    When he is freed by an Azralen warrior, one who lives by the strict codes of her sisterhood, Soren has a second chance at life. But his endocrine system is damaged. He literally needs her touch to survive.

    He needs her heart to regain his sense of self, but can she give him either?

    Soren is amazing for his quiet presence, his compassionate and protective nature, and his self-sacrifice. He’s a hero who understands the nature of darkness, but also the nature of love, and he is willing to give instead of just take.

    Oh, and he looks wicked hot in a leather kilt.

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