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Final Quarter Part 2

For those of you who commented last Tuesday (Hi Kimberly, Virginia, Lynne!) have you done anything since then to put into motion plans to accomplish your final quarter goals?

I signed up last minute for a Time Management for Writers workshop hosted by Liquid Silver Books and the fabulous Terri Schaeffer, and it really opened my eyes to how much of my time I just…waste. Doing nothing good for anything.

Immediately following the class, I started thinking about schedules and crossing items off lists and I worked up a week’s to-do list to carry around. I made a point to include not-writing things (like knitting and dishes) on the list and so far, so good.

I also rejoined Weight Watchers (I tend to do this periodically – rejoin with the intention of dropping after a couple of months) and figured out I have 14 weigh-ins between now and January 1.

NaNoWriMo’s approaching start date (5 more Sundays!) is taunting me by sticking out its tongue and reminding me how I get every year, single-mindedly slobbish and focused on word count, but I have a plan (my to-do list and my WW points tracker) and I intend to stick to it.

What about you? You have your goals – what are you doing to ensure you’ll accomplish them?


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When Did You Get Serious?

All of my kids are in school this year so I have more time to write.  Woot!  Now I can get ‘serious’ about my writing.  Serious for me means writing for a dedicated amount of time or writing a set amount of pages a day.  It also means taking responsibility for my writing.  I can’t push the blame to the stalkers when I  miss or misuse my writing time during the day.  They didn’t make me spend thirty minutes reading comments to a news story.

Getting ‘serious’ also means  to me pursuing publication, but before I can do that I need to stay focused on a wip long enough to finish it.  And that I need to stop dreaming and do.  Dreams can’t come true if they stay in her head.  They need more space to grow and take form.

When did you get ‘serious’ about your writing?  How do you define ‘serious’? What did you do to show you were serious?


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Thursday 13: I fried my brain again

I did. Edits on top of edits on top of rewrites and that new story plus that SEQUEL I got talked into and will never forgive Kim Knox for and then a freebie to squeeze in…

Brain fry.

So I am sharing 13 fried food. Some of these are comfort foods, others things I consider a special treat. One or two are things I will try one day. Maybe. If I get adventurous.

13. chicken fried steak and gravy. I only like it if it is home made and fattening.

chicken fried steak

12. Fried Fish. Love it. But my husband is horrified I dip mine in ketchup. Sorry, redneck me.

fried fish

11. Fried dill pickles. I have not had one but I am REALLY curious.

dill pickle

10. Fried shrimp. A little lemon and cocktail sauce and I am good., I prefer steamed but these work.


9- Fried bread. Also called Elephant ears. Butter and powdered sugar on mine. Comfort food!!


8- BACON!  Okay, not tecnically fried but close enough damn it. Food for the Gods.


7- Mushrooms. I love these!


6 – stir-fry!


5- Eggs. Fully cooked, no snotty eggs please.


4- Fried Green tomatoes, just like the book!  Use bacon drippings, yummy!

green tomatoes

3- Fried Snickers. Again, I want to try this just so I can say I did it.

SP 135529 DIEZ FRIED FLO 1/2

2- CHICKEN!  A favorite Sunday supper in the South. I love it!


1- my ultimate comfort food. FRIED POTATOES!


What did I miss? What is your favorite fried food? Even if it is a special treat, share it!


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The Final Quarter

It’s autumn now. Time for my yearly “the rest of the year” goal setting. I have three goals.

1) Finish a full-length novel.

2) Decide what I really want to accomplish through writing.

3) Lose 15 pounds.

What do you want to accomplish in the remainder of 2009?

And after you’ve reflected upon your year-end goals, come visit me for more Tuesday blogging at TRS Blue.


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What Inspired Your Current WIP?

I started the year with a writing goal of finishing my Rainbow wip, a story I started several years ago.  I was making good progress on the rewrite.  Fleshing out my characters.  Strengthening the conflict.  Cranking up the sexual tension between the heroine and hero. I could see myself typing THE END right on schedule.

Then I saw a video for Brandy’s Right Here one night.  The song had a nice beat and the video was interesting so I watched it again.  And again.  I found a remixed version of the song on youtube.  Watched that a few times and then BAM!  Story idea.  I closed my Rainbow wip and started  jotting down notes.

Those notes have grown into the basis of an urban fantasy series.  After I finish the first draft of book 1 in the series, finishing my Rainbow wip is my next priority. Unless I get blindsided by another story idea.

So what inspired your current wip/wips?


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Thursday 13: Youtubes in my favorites

I am half awake, clutching a coffee cup and battling the sinus cold from Hell. Generally I just feel yucky. So here are 13 youtubes that are saved in my favorites list to kill time. It is as diverse as my scattered mind.

13. you don’t get much more lively and rednecky than this.

12. Proving that Disney really isn’t for little kids

11. Soothing and haunting

10. When I need to get in the mood for those sizzling scenes

9. Because it makes me laugh and really, the stalker needs staked

8. Epic music for inspirational moods

7. What? I like the feel and can play it when my kids are around. (Makes me think of Jeannie Lin)

6. Kanye West can bite me

5. See number 7 for this reason

4. Two of my favorite bad guys!

3. This just makes me smile.

2. The power of DIVERSITY!

1. Because it takes my breath away!


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Let’s Reflect

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, online or otherwise, you know I’m a shopper. I’m that shopper who will wander around in the store actively looking for things to buy, and will take a third and fourth turn around to make sure I didn’t overlook something. It’s not that I arrive with a list: it’s that I arrive with a determination to buy something. Usually something I don’t need (or don’t need immediately)…or is that wrong?

After my recent Croc and Old Navy shopping frenzy, I gave some thought to why I actually spent an extra half hour in the Croc store looking for another pair that wasn’t hideous (not another pair I loved, but that I could live with) and why, even after I filled my bag with garments at Old Navy, and tried them on to eliminate what didn’t work, I still took another stroll around the store looking for something else (you’ll be happy to know I talked myself out of the burgundy corduroy jeans – though I might talk myself back into them). I have come to the conclusion that I periodically need a change of self-scenery. After a couple months of wearing the same clothes, even putting them in different combinations, I start to get tired of seeing the body flaws that are apparent in each outfit. And I start to get lazy. I don’t give any thought to what will accentuate good parts, or what color combinations might be new and interesting, or even how a different pair of shoes might shake things up a little. I get lazy and dull. I don’t take any care with putting things away properly. Laundry, clean and dirty, piles up in heaps in corners. I end up wearing the same pair of shoes every day for six weeks. So I go shopping, looking for something that will rejuvenate my self-image and by default my energy in caring for myself.
I had never likened my shopping habits to my writing habits, but the more I thought about the reasons why I shop, the more I started to see patterns in writing, too. If you’ve ever glanced at my available books list, or know anything about my WIP list, you might’ve noticed how varied they are. Paranormal contemporary, historical western, fairytale punk (a new genre recently coined on Twitter! I forget who, please come forward because I love it!)…well. The short version is I need the same variety in writing and reading that I need in my closet. The writing and reading variety keeps cobwebs from gathering in my head, keeps the ideas from wrinkling in piles around the house, keeps me feeling good about my ability to pull off something.
This isn’t a blog about accepting your inner genre-hopper or your inner shopaholic, but it is a blog about thinking why you do certain things. I’ve mentioned before I’m not much of a plotter. I don’t really think about why I’m steering characters in one direction or another. When I hit the point that I need to start making decisions, I start to struggle because I have to think ahead and consider different possibilities going forward – not easy if you’re an after-the-fact reflector instead of a before-the-fact planner (Inez, I’m thinking of you and your proposal). I’m trying to do some more before-the-fact planning (making sure the dishes are clean the night before so I can make breakfast in the morning, for example, writing a blog post way in advance of when it’s due, jotting notes on characters and their surface relationships so I have something to fall back on if movement slows down) so I’m not scrambling to figure out what went wrong later. It feels a little like spinning my wheels, though, like I’m doing maintenance things instead of progress things, so I’m not sure how much of life/writing is able to be managed this way. Maybe I’m just going through a transitionary period of getting the house in order and once it’s in order, progress will happen? We’ll see.
In the meantime, while I’m organizing and waiting eagerly for cooler weather so I can wear my purple corduroy shirt dress, while I’m banging away at one story and longing for NaNoWriMo (yes, I KNOW it’s early) so I have an excuse to write like a maniac and ignore my closet again for a month, why don’t you tell me what reflective self-realizations you’ve come to recently. Go ahead. Nobody will tell you you’re a slob or anything.


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