Just Like That, It Was Over. Did I Learn Anything?

I’ve been gone. Tuesdays fell off my radar somehow quite a while back. Sorry about that. I’ve been doing so many things that are actually blog-worthy that I’m a little ashamed of myself for missing all the opportunities to talk about them. I don’t remember what I’ve mentioned here; summer (and much of spring) zipped by in a blur. I’ll try to recap.

EVENT: In April, I wrote the sequel to ALL THE TREES IN PEARL. In a single weekend. Then it took me a month plus some to revise and sub, but Collette Carver’s story, ALL THE WOMEN IN PEARL, is available now at Ellora’s Cave (release day was August 28).

LEARNED: Plot is not my strong point. I don’t like that plot gets between me and the happily ever after. I have tunnel vision when it comes to relationships and I’m perfectly happy letting my characters live in a vacuum with minimal attention paid to the activities going on around them.

EVENT: In June, I moved into a bigger home with enough space that I can have an office until such time as kids overrun the space. I bought a desk, a chair, stocked my bookcases, hung a curtain, promptly realized how hot it is in that room during the summer and moved back to the sofa.

LEARNED: Dedicated writing space by itself doesn’t make life easier. You still have to use it and cultivate the habit of organization and office hours. I still don’t have office hours. Maybe when the summer heat fades.

EVENT: In July, I attended my first (and maybe my only) RWA national conference. I heard some amazing speakers, met some great people, acquired a ton of books and walked out of most of the workshops I attended.

LEARNED: I’m still too arrogant to succeed as a student in a structured environment. I have no idea how I made it through so many years of college. About RWA in general, though, I learned that my place in the organization isn’t in the how-to workshops and articles, which are either not compatible with my learning methods and writing process. Instead, my place is in the lecture hall listening to passionate, experienced people talking about the things they’ve learned…not the things they believe I should learn.

EVENT: In August, my husband and I spent a week in Las Vegas. I wrote nothing and read a lot, all contemporaries, which I don’t often read. I LIKE reading. I should do it more often. I’ve taken to keeping a book beside my bed, and trying to remind myself once in a while to go to bed before I’m exhausted so I can read a little.

LEARNED: I figured out what “fresh new voice” actually means and I ❤ Victoria Dahl. I also reacquainted myself with some tried and true voice and learned that the tried and true is still good.

That’s my summer recap. What did you do and what did you learn?


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