Thursday 13: My, what a lovely view

Sabbatical over, meaning HALLELUJAH, SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!  My word count tanked this summer. But now it is all back to business. And to bring it back in right proper form, how about some mancandy?

*hears the cheers from here*

13 – 1 copy

12          a

11 black model

10 brett1

9 cowboy

8 exotic_models

7 jackmackenroth23

6 Jacob-Warner-2


4 matt-stone-280411-328017

3 v

2 z5080673X

1 allenandjamesclippinger3



If you made it that far, then stop by and visit me two other places today. I am guest blogging at Shapeshifter Romance and at the Midnight Moon Cafe. You can even enter to win a copy of my new fantasy romance Myla by Moonlight!


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14 responses to “Thursday 13: My, what a lovely view

  1. *faints* O … M … G!! Are you trying to kill me, Inez? LOL I’ll take heaping doses of #3, #8 and #10 please! 😉 GREAT pics! Happy Thursday!

  2. Holy smokes! Do I have to choose just one? If I do, I’ll take #2, please. I like a man with a nice …. smile.

  3. danieford

    Wow. I had to do a double take with #13. But probably just further proves I have a dirty mind.

  4. I’ll have one large #3 with a side of #10….to go! lol
    Happy T13!

  5. Sophia Parkwood

    Can I have #6? PLEASE! I can’t resist a man in a cowboy hat. Thanks for making my Thursday! Have fun getting back into the swing of writing.(Oh yeah, you owe me a new laptop, I drooled all over mine!)

  6. Whooohooo! Very nice. Thanks.

  7. Jen

    Ahhhhhh I’m happy now. Especially with the freebie. What is it about a nice ass?

  8. You know I ran right over when I saw that you had hot guys! LOL! Super yummy TT! Off to save some of those pics to my ‘puter!


    My TT is at

  9. Wow! Holy crap, hot hot hot!

  10. What David said. They don’t look like any man I ever saw.

    Should I move closer to you?

  11. Bella

    Well, hello, handsomes! Wanna head on over to my place for a goood time?

    Happy holiday weekend! Thanks for starting us off right!


  12. Jacki Chase

    Mercy me! That last picture gave the term “Tight End” a whole new meaning!

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