Where Do You Write?

When we moved, I decided to do my writing in the family room or at the kitchen table so my family could see me.    Well, they saw me and talked to me.   And talked to me.   And talked to me.   Now I write in my bedroom, where I can  shut (and lock) the door when needed.

I recently discovered that my muse likes writing at the library and in the food court at Sam’s Club.

Where do you write?  Do you have a writing place outside your home that brings out the best in your muse?



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9 responses to “Where Do You Write?

  1. Rosalind Stone

    I prefer home – less distractions currently, but I can usually write wherever, depending on my frame of mind.
    If I’m trying to work out a kink in a story, I prefer somewhere quiet, but if I know what I want/how I’m getting there, a more noisy place is alright.

  2. I write at home in my little office or sometimes at Barnes and Nobles. I can have noise around me as long as someone isn’t talking directly to me.

  3. virginiagruver

    It depends on my mood. Seems when I am serious and know what I want to do, I write in my home office. When I am playing with something, I grab a cup of coffee early in the morning and head to my formal living room and a big comfy chair with a large ottoman so I can relax and settle into my story. The living room has become my space because everyone else heads to the family room and T.V.

  4. Sophia Parkwood

    I write mostly at home but I have the same problem you do. My family is always stopping to talk or ask me for something since I keep my laptop in the kitchen. I like to go to coffee shops too. I can drown out the noise of strangers but my family makes it hard to ignore them.

  5. When we build our log home in the woods 4 yrs ago, I designed my office. It’s in the northwest corner of the second floor, overlooking the front yard. It’s my space & filled with all my wonderful stuff I use to write. I love it. On an occation, I’ll take the laptop to my porch and work.

  6. I write in my bedroom too. My desk and all the oddities I need to go with my muse are there.

  7. Mary — your writing space sounds fabulous.

    I’m in the same boat as a lot of you…on my laptop, in the family room, and unable to get past the distractions of my family. I’ve tried moving to my bedroom, the kitchen table, the office, but after a couple of hours my back starts cramping and I just can’t get comfortable. So I’m back in the family room in “my” chair, only now I put on headphones so my Hubs and baby girl can see me, but I can ignore them when I need to! 😉

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