The Final Quarter

It’s autumn now. Time for my yearly “the rest of the year” goal setting. I have three goals.

1) Finish a full-length novel.

2) Decide what I really want to accomplish through writing.

3) Lose 15 pounds.

What do you want to accomplish in the remainder of 2009?

And after you’ve reflected upon your year-end goals, come visit me for more Tuesday blogging at TRS Blue.


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3 responses to “The Final Quarter

  1. mamadivine

    1. Finish the first draft of my urban fantasy

    2. Finish the first draft of the world bible for my urban fantasy

  2. virginiagruver

    1. Finish first draft of novel.
    2. Lose way more than 15 pounds.
    3. Get a Sisters In Crime Chapter started.
    4. Send out a short story.

  3. 1. Finish my novella. Submit
    2. Polish & submit paranormal short
    3. Start and finish a rough draft for full length fantasy
    4. Lose 10 lbs
    5. Do a good job promoting my soon-to-be published shorts (I’m quaking in my untested boots)

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