Thursday 13: I fried my brain again

I did. Edits on top of edits on top of rewrites and that new story plus that SEQUEL I got talked into and will never forgive Kim Knox for and then a freebie to squeeze in…

Brain fry.

So I am sharing 13 fried food. Some of these are comfort foods, others things I consider a special treat. One or two are things I will try one day. Maybe. If I get adventurous.

13. chicken fried steak and gravy. I only like it if it is home made and fattening.

chicken fried steak

12. Fried Fish. Love it. But my husband is horrified I dip mine in ketchup. Sorry, redneck me.

fried fish

11. Fried dill pickles. I have not had one but I am REALLY curious.

dill pickle

10. Fried shrimp. A little lemon and cocktail sauce and I am good., I prefer steamed but these work.


9- Fried bread. Also called Elephant ears. Butter and powdered sugar on mine. Comfort food!!


8- BACON!  Okay, not tecnically fried but close enough damn it. Food for the Gods.


7- Mushrooms. I love these!


6 – stir-fry!


5- Eggs. Fully cooked, no snotty eggs please.


4- Fried Green tomatoes, just like the book!  Use bacon drippings, yummy!

green tomatoes

3- Fried Snickers. Again, I want to try this just so I can say I did it.

SP 135529 DIEZ FRIED FLO 1/2

2- CHICKEN!  A favorite Sunday supper in the South. I love it!


1- my ultimate comfort food. FRIED POTATOES!


What did I miss? What is your favorite fried food? Even if it is a special treat, share it!



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14 responses to “Thursday 13: I fried my brain again

  1. Ohmygoodness. Now I’m hungry.
    Think I’ve tried most of these, but no fried pickles, and though I love snickers I’ll stick to the regular kind (or the frozen ice cream ones, nomnomnom)

    My uncle makes a mean fried turkey at Thanksgiving.

  2. You’re killing me. The only way I can get most of these over here would be to cook it myself – and the results, shall we say, would be less than stellar…


    Happy TT!

  3. cmtorrens

    Oooh, I love elephant ears, and bacon, and about everything else you put on this. Now I’m hungry and it’s all your fault! 😉

    Happy T13

  4. Oh … my … gawd!! ACK! You’re killing me! I haven’t had breakfast yet, and now I’m starving! LOL

  5. Not nice…not nice at all. Fried dill pickles? LOL Happy T13!

  6. Oh oh! #4 is my big weakness. I love fried green tomatoes! Num num num.

    Delish T13, sugar.

    MY T13 is up over at the MMC blog:

    Rock N Roll Heaven, with some great You Tube vids I managed to find.

  7. I’m not big on fried stuff, but bacon and stir fry are on my list.

    You did, however, miss fried clams, which GN adores.

  8. Sophia Parkwood

    OMG Inez, I am sooo hungry now! I love chicken fried steak, chicken wings, fried bread, really I think I like all these things! Hush puppies are also a favorite of mine. And french fries. Oh man I gotta go get something to eat. Happy Thursday!

  9. I’m with you on 1, 2, 5, 8, and 13 — not to mention fried cheese curds or fried zucchini. Mmm…

  10. Deep fried bananas. Or pineapple. But mostly bananas. 🙂

    Or – have you all had lángos? Growing up, my best friend’s father was Hungarian and he would make this deep fried flat bread to be served with garlic butter and sour creams for breakfast when I slept over at their house. YUM!

    My father went through a period when he deep fried EVERYTHING. I got so tired of fried food then I was begging for steamed veggies!

  11. virginiagruver

    Love the green fried tomatoes. Tried a fried candy bar at the Iowa State Fair – I agree, I like them raw. Have heard about the fried bread but never tasted it. How do you make it? (Probably a silly question but I really don’t know.)

  12. inezkelley

    Fried bread is just what it sounds like. Take raw bread dough (store bought is fine) and flatten a piece out to about the size of your hand. Drop into hot oil, flip after about a minute or two. The bread will cook, rise and get all these air bubbles in it. Drain well. Top with butter and powdered sugar, apple butter or jam or eat plain. Simple!

  13. Shirley

    I recently tried the fried pickles and have got to say they were out of this world.

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