Your Sweetness is My Weakness

In my current wip, my hero, who has Alpha tendencies and  is all about following the rules. And he should be since he’s the one that enforces the laws of his world.  Yet he consciously breaks many of these laws for the heroine.   I know it’s because he likes her, but that’s too broad a reason.

I’ve been trying to narrow down that thing about the heroine that drives him to ignore his responsibility to uphold the law and risk being banished from the community, stripped of his abilities.  I thought he was risking so much because he enjoyed having her around.  Turns out, the heroine’s high level of honor is what motivates him to make the choices he does.

Borrowing from Barry White’s, Your Sweetness is My Weakness,  finish this sentence:

My hero’s weakness is my heroine’s ______________.



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2 responses to “Your Sweetness is My Weakness

  1. God, I had to think about this one. I am currently writing the last installment of my freebie series Beauty and the Badge: Jace and Dayna’s story so I will use them.

    Jace’s weakness is Dayna’s strength. As weird as that sounds, it is true. He has come to depend on her solid, calm steadiness. When that is rocked or she starts to second guess, it knocks his world off kilter.

  2. My hero’s weakness is the heroine’s crystal clear (one might even say ruthless) clarity about what she’s willing to do to defend and protect herself and those she loves. She’s an easy-going sort until you make it clear that “live and let live” isn’t an option; then she’s damn sure going to make sure it’s she and her loved ones who live happily ever after, and she won’t lose a wink of sleep about it. My hero is more likely to see shades of gray, or to be live with bigger risks than she is–and she’d tell him that’s his choice. But her choice is HER choice, and nobody–including him–gets to overrule her on issues this important.

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