Thursday 13: Random lines, Random stories

My headache has now reached unimagined levels of ouch-itude so I am just going to grab 13 clips from 13 of my stories.

13 – As a child, Jinx had learned in science class about magnets. A pencil threaded on two magnets, suspended above two more, would hang like magic, floating on an invisible force. If the pencil was just a millimeter off-kilter, it would crash down, yanked by the powerful pull of attraction.
Frannie just yanked his pencil. – JINXED

12 – She craved water. Not tap water, not bottled water, but the one slow droplet sliding down his belly right now. Thirst consumed her and nothing but Rafferty-flavored Evian would quench it. -FRISKY BUSINESS

11 – A sigh parted her lips and his tongue snuck inside, inviting hers to come out to play. Play turned wicked. Tag, Hide and Seek and Kickball had never had this kind of inducement.
Simon says ‘kiss your girlfriend into a quivering puddle of panty-pudding’.
His hands slid down her waist, over her hips. Green-light, green-light…
Palming her ass, he tugged her closer. RED-LIGHT, RED-LIGHT! Ollie ollie oxen free! -MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

10- She could name each dish but had no idea of their textures or tastes. The choices on the table tempted her. What did bread taste like? Why did Taric prefer the oranges to the asparagus? The scents filling the air tantalized her and her mouth watered. What was it like to bite and not have blood coat your tongue? – MYLA BY MOONLIGHT

9 – A word formed in her mind. A word she had no purpose for but it teased her, made her want to explore every meaning of it. It was an action and a thing, a request and a response, a thrill and a fear. The word was desire.-MYLA BY MOONLIGHT

8 – “I knew men like that were too good to be true. Dreamboat on the outside, shipwreck in the sack. Was it like fall-asleep-in-the-middle sex? Was he hung like a Tic Tac? Wham, bam, so sorry ma’am? Oh God, was he freaky hairy or worse, slick willie? Some bodybuilders shave everything and then grease up to look bigger, ya know. And swimmers shave their legs, don’t they?” -JINXED

8 – Gunner’s growl returned when Jace did not relax his stance. Jace knew exactly how the K-9 felt. He had the urge to sink his teeth into Paul Thompson, too. -POLICE PROTECTION

7 – Maybe she was coming down with the Filipino Flirtatious Flu or something. Her face felt hot, her pulse raced and she had this nearly uncontrollable desire to frisk the cop in front of her. Jace definitely looked like he was packing something. -TO COP A KISS

6 – A cornered animal is the most deadly and unpredictable. Like a wolverine’s in a snare, Marchen’s lips curled back into a feral grimace. Hostility etched his face with no disguise. -MYLA BY MOONLIGHT

5 – Tiny lines creased the corners as he smiled but beneath the desire lurked something dark, something shadowed, something dangerous. This was not a man for frivolity. He was made for hard work, hard play and heartache.-ML(in submissions)

4 – The front lock of his hair fell forward, arced over his forehead like a canopy shading a sheen of sweat. It shimmied with his emotional shivering and she longed to push it back, have him smile that lopsided grin at her. Instead, his mouth went thin and tight. -ML(in submissions)

3 – Ginger attracted movie star handsome men like moths to a bug light and treated them just as badly. Come into the light, closer, closer, zzzzzap. -WBIA (WIP)

2 – “Do you want the hard truth or an easy lie?” Jesse heard the irritation skip into his tone and internally winced. Not a great way to convince a woman to do anything but he couldn’t help it. She made staying married to him sound as appealing as a brick enema. -WBIA (WIP)

1 – Bram clenched his jaw. He had no claim, didn’t know her from Eve. But he wanted to. Wanted to know her in every sense of the word, biblical included. -LOHC (in submissions)


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7 responses to “Thursday 13: Random lines, Random stories

  1. Wow. Some great reading there.
    Happy T13!

  2. cmtorrens

    Awesome! My birthdays coming in Nov. I think I’ll pick one of these up. Myla just seems like an awesome book.

    Great snippets. Happy T13

  3. Oh, yeah. These are awesome!

  4. I loved reading Jinxed and those were some great snippets of your WIPS! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Fun TT! Great excerpts! I so have to read Police Protection!


    My TT is at

  6. Good excerpts. I hope the headache feels better!

  7. Niiiiice. And I’ve been headachey lately, too, so here’s hoping it gets better.

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