Thursday 13: Trippin’ down memory lane

I am sick and feeling nostalgic, so there ya go. 13 Things I remember for yesteryear.


THe thing with Malibu Barbie was her skin tanned in the sun! How cool in a melanoma way! But if you left Malibu Barbie outside for three days straight as some little girls did *ahem* she turned into MARTIAN BARBIE! Yep, she turned green. GREEN! My Captain Kirk doll was thrilled.

Baby Tender Love Mattel

I loved this Baby Tender Love. I had two. THis one and one you could feed and it would poop. MAGIC! er, Maggot. Yep, the thing got smelly and nasty and my mother threw it away. It is probably the reason I never let my daughter feed her Baby Alive.(also designed to feed)

holly hobbie rag doll

I had Holly Hobbie out the ass. My canopy bed was in yellow with Holly Hobby, my lunchbox was Holly Hobbie, I had the rag doll, her sister Heather and her Brother Robbie.


And I was addicted to Little House on the Prairie. I wanted to BE Laura or Mary, even if I was more like Nellie. Never did like the books as much.


Oh yes, could not miss the Fonz. Of course, that was the original, before Joannie grew up and Chachi became a chachbag. Does anyone ever wonder what happened to Chuck, Ritchie’s older brother? I do.


Nothing will ever be as wonderful as playing in the snow until you are frozen then coming inside and having your mother strip clothes from you because yu are too shivery to move. Then while your thighs are still tingling, bundle you in a blanket and serve you hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. THAT is childhood to me in a nutshell.


Or this. That hard plastic pool that made the weird rumbling noise when Dad hosed it out before filling it. No inflation needed, stick a garden hose in it and walk away. And if it got a crack in it, which it always did before the end of summer, Dad would slap a piece of duct tape on the bottom. Duct tape fixed everything back then.


I loved this toy. Seriously loved it. I couldn’t help but think about it every time I sang the Inchworm song to my babies.


THIS! I would play for HOURS and HOURS!

snoopy sno-cone

I had this but it never worked as good as the commercial showed. It was mu first lesson in not believing everything I saw on TV. Plus my mother hated the damn thing. I understand why now.


The do not make the original anymore. It used to be braided caramel covered with a thin layer of chocolate and to a kid, was huge! I miss this one a lot!


This book… wow. This is the book that hooked me on reading. It drew me in and made me cry and I walked away knowing not everything is happy roses but has meaning. I distinctly remember reading the last page, closing the book and sitting there thinking that I wanted to tell stories like that.


With the long-assed cord that got tangled and knotted! I could stretch it to the bathroom if I was desperate but mostly had to stay in the kitchen. I think this was a ploy as I could talk to my BFF as long as I wanted but I had to stay in the kitchen. So I cleaned as I talked.




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13 responses to “Thursday 13: Trippin’ down memory lane

  1. Okay, now I’m feeling really old. LOL! I had one of those Holly Hobbie dolls. I loved that thing. Great list, Inez! Happy Thursday! 🙂

  2. What a great list; man, I miss childhood, lol

  3. cmtorrens

    I LOVED Holly Hobbie, it was one of the only dolls I really liked. My sister’s barbies tended to, uh, lose limbs by “accident”.

  4. Little House of the Prairie was one of the few ‘approved’ shows we were allowed to watch. I guess that’s why I had such a huge crush on Michael Landon. lol
    Thanks for stirring up some good memories.
    Happy T13!

  5. Dude, count me in on the Holly Hobbie brigade!
    I was a tomboy. No Barbies and other dolls for me, but I did have me some Holly Hobbie, dolls, books. I drew the line at bed linen, though. I had Star Wars sheets!

  6. Jen

    I had the first three. I’d forgotten all about Holly Hobbie.
    And I remember our phone was on the wall in the kitchen–big black one. The cord just barely reached so we girls could drag the receiver into the front hall closet to talk in private.

  7. LOL, I just went out and got some hot cocoa for the season. I’m all set if the kids are.

  8. Dude! I loved my inch worm. I’m totally with you. And Perfection. I want to go out and find one now. Munchkin would totally dig that.

  9. So love Malibu Barbie! I totally watched Happy Days, too! And I still have my Perfection game from when I was a kid! LOL! Great TT!


    My TT is at

  10. I had forgotten marathon bars. I had both Perfection and Super Perfection and played them so much I, um, killed them both. We won’t mention the Holly Hobbie pants…

  11. This is giving me ideas for a reminiscent 13 of my own. LOL!

    I remember all of these – and even had a few, too. As for Chuck Cunningham? He went into the CIA and had to assume a new identity when it was discovered he was actually a Russian mole, planted with the Cunningham family. They switched him at the hospital nursery.

    Scouts’ honor! LOL!

    Happy TT!

  12. We used to watch Little House on the Prairie too, and all the Disney movies. They used to be on a Sunday night here in NZ – sort of an end to the week show.

  13. I had that snocone machine too! Do you remember the EasyBake Oven? That was fun too. And what about Speed Racer and Star Blazers? They were funner than LHOTP, though I did watch that, and also read the books. Oh, and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys?

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