I hate online introductions.

I always feel as if I’m talking into an empty room, my voice echoing off the walls and bouncing back to mock me. But I know it can’t be helped, so I’ll make it quick, like ripping off a band-aid or yanking out a loose tooth.

How do you do? My name is Selah March, and I write romance of dubious virtue – which is to say, I write love stories that end happily (or, at least, satisfyingly) and usually include a lot of sex. Erotic romance, in other words. Sometimes the story is about the love between a man and a woman, and sometimes it’s about the love between two men, and I’ve also been known to pen a ménage or three. I’m published with Phaze, Amber Heat/Amber Allure at Amber Quill Press and Red Sage Publishing.

I’m a wife and a mother, a sister and a daughter. I’ve got a degree in English and an unhealthy attachment to carbohydrates. I live in the northeastern part of the United States.

I’m a “plotter” who occasionally “pantses,” but only after two glasses of wine. Generally, I edit and revise as I go; I don’t do “rough drafts.” (Tried, failed, tried again, have given it up for the safety of those around me.)

My website can be found here.

I’m on Goodreads here.

I Tweet sporadically, but with enthusiasm.

I recently signed a new contract with Red Sage for a novella called “Hard Harvest.” It will be released on January 1 as part of the “Three Kinds of Wicked” series (scroll to the bottom of the page for details of my novella; cover coming soon!). At the moment, I’m hard at work on what will be my very first single-title length novel for Amber Allure/ Amber Quill.

All of the above is true, but even if you know it, you don’t know me. Not really. That’s what I hate most about online introductions. I don’t believe you can take the measure of an individual by reading pixels on a screen. I’m a tactile person – I need the see the angle of another’s gaze, to feel the texture and pressure of a hand in mine, or – at the very least – I need to hear the timbre of a voice over the telephone line.

In absence of those, I’ll do my very best to make myself known to whomever might be reading. I’ll try to be entertaining and informative, and when I can’t manage that, I’ll endeavor not to offend.  😉

How do you do? My name is Selah, and I’m very pleased to meet you.



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10 responses to “I hate online introductions.

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  2. Eva

    You tweet with enthusiasm? Lolol…

    You look spectacular with the ladies. This is a great group, you have here.

  3. Now see, pet? Was that SO hard?

    (Don’t answer.)

    And really, y’all, she’s very, very cool. Opinionated and cranky and outspoken. Of course, I see those as virtues. 😉

  4. Pen

    I like it, Selah! Very pleased to meet you, as well.

  5. We love you just the way you are-already 🙂

  6. talesfromthecrit

    Aw, now I’m all warm and fuzzy, like a pile of Golden Retriever puppies.

    Yes, I DO tweet with enthusiasm. I do, I DO! Just…not so much with the “often.”

    Thanks, guys. 🙂


  7. mamadivine

    Welcome, Selah.


  8. I thought that was a fantastic introduction!

  9. talesfromthecrit

    Thanks some more, guys. I think I’m gonna like it here. 🙂


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