Are You A Chicken Or An Owl?

This year, all of my kids are in school, which means I have about six hours to myself.  My plan was to write during the day while I was home alone and then be available to my family for stalking in the evenings.   The day writing has sucked for me big time.  I’ve tried setting daily word goals, BICHOK for a certain amount of time everyday and varying the time of day I write.  I even started working on  another wip.  None of these things helped increase my word production.   I was becoming discouraged.

Then I was out buying feed for our chickens earlier this week and I had an Aha! moment– I’m an owl trying to be chicken.

Before this school year, I did most of my writing at night.  After the kids were in bed.  Some nights I’d be up until 2 am writing even though my alarm would be going off in a few hours.  A few nights I’d pull an allnighter.  I’d be a zombie when the sun was out, but lots of words were added to my wip.

The first time I sat down to write at night, I added over 800 words to a scene I’d been stuck on for a week.   I am a night owl hear me hoot!

So are you a chicken or owl?  Or when do you do write?



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3 responses to “Are You A Chicken Or An Owl?

  1. I’m an owl by inclination. Left to my own devices, I’d be completely nocturnal. But since my spouse is an earlybird (a “chicken”), that’s just not going to work. So despite working at home writing, I still get up in the morning so as to maintain a regular schedule.

    I do my writing in the afternoon. I’m just not ready to sit and write for a few hours after rising. By around 11 a.m. or noon, I’m ready to settle in.

  2. When I only had two boys, I wrote after putting them to bed. It wasn’t a big deal to write until 4am back then. Now that I have three boys (youngest being 4) I write in the morning. Personally I think it’s easier to write those steamy sex scenes at night while drinking a glass of wine than in my jammies with a cup of coffee. Maybe things will be different when all boys are in school all day. (I hope!)

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