Are you stingy with your fiction?

I’m working on a holiday free read with my CP. We’re about 3,000 words into it and we’re both beginning to become reluctant about sharing. We’ve gotten attached to our characters, decided the story’s too fun to let go of it so soon, begun to generate little plot bunnies and spy different twisty threads we could explore if we spent some more time on it and wrote it to a longer length and hey, what if in the end we can sell it to a publisher for NEXT year?

The above? Usually the way things go for me when I start working on very short freebies. I become possessive of the characters and the story, I begin to want more from it than I originally intended to give, I decide it’s worthy of a shiny book cover instead of my questionable graphic skills.

Am I alone in my Scrooge traits? Do you ever experience this urge to keep your story for yourself (or for some vague greater purpose)? Should I let go of my stinginess and remind myself this is the season of giving?

And the real burning question: are you working on a holiday free read? Or if you’re not, are you bookmarking the holiday free read sites in preparation of a week of hot chocolate and internet reading late this month?


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