What Have You Done This Year?

I’ve spent the last week looking at the goals I set for myself for this year. I didn’t hit all of them like I wanted. Still I’m excited and going to celebrate later today.

Share what you’ve accomplished this year (can be anything). And how you plan to celebrate.

I’ll post my stuff in the comments section.



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10 responses to “What Have You Done This Year?

  1. mamadivine

    A few things I did this year:

    – Tutored my husband through an online pre-calculus class (he ended up with C)
    – Stepped out of my genre comfort zone and started an urban fantasy
    – Settled on a pen name
    – Started exercising again
    – Cut back on my jellybean and Red Vines intake (still working on my Mtn. Dew/Vault addiction)
    – Took my new sewing machine I got last Christmas out of the box (next year’s goal is to use it)
    – Took the desktop computer apart twice to fix an issue and it still works

    I’ll be celebrating with brownies and ice cream.

  2. Katrina

    I finished my book Starskipper – which I started in college over fifteen years ago. I entered the Golden Opportunity contest sponsored by the Toronto RWA and finished 5th out of 40 entrants, which I completely thrilled me. I entered the Golden Heart (fingers crossed!), a huge leap of faith for me. I won NaNo and finished my second book in only one month! I had no goals of any sort this year except to finish Starskipper, so I’m thrilled with myself. I have already started thinking about my 2010 goals. I didn’t have any non-writing related goals this year since my focus was to start writing again after a 7 year hiatus. Great question – thanks!

  3. Hmmm… Not a whole lot in the accomplishments column, but:

    1) I finished my MS for “Ask Me if I’m Happy.”
    2) That MS was accepted for publication by a brand-new publisher (Dragon International Independent Arts).
    3) I began a new MS which is getting raves from the handful of people who are critting it as I go.
    4) I attended the launch party of the publisher I mentioned, and met a lot of great writers with whom I’ll work in the future.
    5) I got a new bookshelf to put my recent acquisitions on, if I can get around to building it.

    As for how to celebrate these events? I dunno – but chocolate will certainly be involved. Mmmmm…

  4. I was just reflecting on the next year. This is even better!! 😀 2009 was a great year.
    I finished revising a ms, wrote synopsis and query, and sent it out for submissions.
    I started a new ms this fall.
    Picked a pen name–for that day in 2010 when I meet my ‘get published’ goal. 😉
    I decided my writing career needs something more…so I’m going to start taking classes again. ACK! Hey, a decision is a goal well-met!

    Great job everyone! Way to go on the Urban Fantasy, Mama. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. 1. finished a 1st draft of wip
    2. rewrote draft
    3. started the 3rd draft of wip
    4. wrote more words than the previous year
    5. took an online writing class
    6. entered contests for first time
    7. joined 2 critique groups
    8. learned more about writing than in previous 10 years
    9. Actually lost some weight

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