You’re The One That I Want

Earlier this week, I was thinking about why my heroine wants to be with the hero.  What it is about him that sets him apart from other men vying for her affection.  She’s been on a self-imposed Man-Free diet for last year and a half and busy trying to straighten out other areas of her life.  Getting into a relationship is the last thing on her to do list.  The hero has been burned one too many times and isn’t willing to risk getting hurt and used again.

They meet and they don’t like each other.  He’s jerkish and she’s Oscar worthy dramatic.   But as the story moves forward and as they spend more time together, they start to see the other in a different light.  Eventually every time they’re with the other person, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta singing You’re The One That I Want plays in their mind.

So why is your hero the one your heroine wants?  Why is your heroine the one your hero wants?

I’ll post my answers in the comment section.



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9 responses to “You’re The One That I Want

  1. mamadivine

    The hero is one of the few people in the heroine’s life (the other two being the police and a local mobster), who doesn’t make excuses for her and holds her accountable for her actions. The heroine treats him like a person, not means to advance her status and she forces him out of his comfort zone.

  2. Katrina Williams

    What a great question! I have been grappling with this – “it’s a romance and they’re just supposed to be together!!” is so not how it works. But how does it work? I’ve been reading some psychology articles to get to the root of why people choose their mates.

    Soooo – she wants him because he takes care of her, makes her feel safe…and does inventive things to show he loves her, despite not being a demonstrative guy. He wants her because he’s got an over the top personality and she doesn’t let him take over.

    I’m curious to see what other’s say!

    • mamadivine

      I agree, “it’a romance and they’re supposed to be together” isn’t how it works. Or is enough of a reason for two characters to be together. As a reader, I need to understand why the characters want/need to be together or else I can’t buy the relationship.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Awesome question! Definitely one I need to address in my latest wip. Yikes.

    So far, she wants him because she unconditionally follows the rules and things haven’t worked out, yet, he, who appears to break all the rules, always gets lucky (lol)

    He wants her because he doesn’t believe anyone could be as ‘good’ as she is, so she has that ‘woman of mystery’ appeal.

    But…it goes deeper than that. Must think about this. Thanks!

    • mamadivine

      I thought I knew why my hero wanted the the heroine until I started to type his why. I had to think about it for a while. I’m still not sure I went deep enough with my answer. I think I need to flesh my hero out some more.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Charlotte McClain

    I love this question. In The Rock Star’s Retreat, Jason is perfect for Cass because he knows how it feels to be rejected. Cass is perfect for Jason because she treats him as a person instead of a personage.

    • mamadivine

      “…she treats him as a person instead of a personage.” That is what I couldn’t articulate in my answer. Thanks. And thanks for commenting.

  5. The hero, unlike the heroine’s other bf, gets her scene of humor. They entertain each other. She likes thehero also because he cares about her caring about her sister. He gets why it is important to her.

    He is drawn to her because he finds he can trust her to tell the truth about her feelings for him. And he likes her feelings for him.

    Does that work?

    • mamadivine

      It works for me, Linda. I like how your hero gets the heroine’s sense of humor and understands the importance of her relationship with her sister.

      Thanks for commenting!

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