Person, Place or Thing?

Last night, while  researching bad pick up lines for use in a future story, I came across a list of questions for couples to  help them learn about each other.  I’m borrowing and tweaking a question from list (found here) for today’s post.

What three nouns best describe your main characters?

Bonus: What three nouns best describe your current wip?

(I’ll post my answers in the comments)


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7 responses to “Person, Place or Thing?

  1. From para rom-com:
    H is a fighter, a warrior, a do-er.
    h is a Gorgon, a doctor, a smart-ass.

    From Victorian:
    H is a jerk, a husband, a viscount.
    h is a musician, a wife, a criminal.

    From fantasy:
    H is a mage, a loner, a protector.
    h is an unbeliever, an academic, a protector.

    • mamadivine


      Your nouns have me curious about characters and their stories. I’m especially curious about the heroines from your fantasy and Victorian.

      Thanks for participating!

  2. Katrina Williams

    Hmmm. Mama, you always make me think in the morning before I’m ready!

    H is a healer, an outcast and a loner.
    h is a searcher, a fighter and an addict.

    Bonus: wip – speculation, adventure, romance (is that last one cheating??)

    The bonus was hard! I kept wanting to use adjectives…

    • mamadivine


      I really like the nouns you used to describe your characters. I have lots of questions running through my mind. Like, what is your heroine addicted to? And is your hero a loner by choice?

      I don’t using romance to describe your story is cheating.

      Thanks for answering my questions.

  3. mamadivine

    This was challenging.

    Deven: train wreck, conspiracy theorist, fighter

    Theo: island, baggage, a knight

    WIP: chaos, laughter, connection

  4. Jass

    H: prisoner, palladin, poise
    h: prisoner, imp, fire

    book: sacrafice, salvation, respect

    • mamadivine


      Great descriptions. I’m curious about how poise and fire play into your character’s personalities. Your story sounds interesting.

      Thanks for commenting!

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